Top 5 Articles CMOs Have on Their Reading List

CMO's don't have a lot of time on their hands, which means they need to spend it wisely. With the digital landscape changing by the minute, these hard-working professionals need good news - fast. We've whipped up a list of top articles the most successful CMO's have on their reading list!

Top 5 Articles CMOs Have on Their Reading List

We’ve rounded up a list of current articles upper management has on their reading list! How? By taking a look at content marketing professionals interacted with most using Socialbakers Suite! Here’s what they’ve read:

1. 11 Facebook Updates You Need to Know for 2019

It comes as no surprise that Social Media Today makes it into the CMO’s routine reading materials. It’s a great online resource that is able to curate content at impressive speeds. It’s one of our personal favorites – we believe that any marketer in any position can find value on a range of trending topics.

In the article 11 Facebook Updates You Need to Know for 2019, CMO’s get a quick glance at what the future holds for Facebook. Though we’re still in 2018, CMOs are already thinking ahead and want some quick tips on how they can prepare. It’s never too early to have a plan!

Key learning: You’ll get an easy to digest breakdown of Facebook updates without having to sift through the crowded newsroom. If you didn’t know that Augmented Reality Ads exist or that you could ad product stickers to Stories for seamless app-purchases than you need to read this piece – now.

2. Marketers Struggle to Keep Up with Content Creation Demand

Every CMO around the world can relate to this topic. It helps to know that it’s not an isolated event; that creating enough content to generate demand is a challenge even the most equipped companies are facing.

Marketing Land really gets to the heart of the issue in their article Marketers Struggle to Keep Up with Content Creation Demand. They discuss how personalization has changed the game, increasing the number of iterations needed for the same content piece.

Key learning: Dig it to this short but powerful article to better understand the new challenges of online marketing. You’ll get the good bad and the ugly. Though content creators are suffering from carportunnel, tasked with writing before they can utter the words “how many?”, there’s a silver lining. Give it a read to see for yourself.

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3. 4 Methods for Generating Leads from Social Media

On the other end of the spectrum, CMO’s are drowning in the number of leads they have. Why? Because social media has opened up the floodgates of audiences that can be targeted. Social Media Week delves into this topic, providing marketers with actionable advice in their blog 4 Methods for Generating Leads from Social Media.

Though Social Media Week is primarily known for their conference, you shouldn’t discount their content! They publish relevant articles that are cover the ins and outs of social media – which is the core of digital marketing.

Key Learning: To compete online, businesses need a high functioning sales funnel. Though there are more audience members to target, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to direct traffic to websites. That’s because audiences are constantly bombarded with more options than ever before. But don’t panic, once you’re done with this read you’ll know how to create an efficient funnel that will keep leads rolling in.

4. How do Google’s Most Recent Algo Updates Impact SEO?

You can’t talk about marketing without talking about Google. CMO’s aren’t only interested in social media updates – they also want to get caught up on updates that will impact SEO – and who better to get that information from than the Search Engine Journal.

The blog How do Google’s Most Recent Algo Updates Impact SEO? gets into the nitty-gritty of Google’s September 27th update. It’s technical, it’s descriptive, and breaks down Google’s complex algorithm changes into easy-to-read text. It’s no wonder CMO’s find this resource useful!

Key Learning:
Take your Google knowledge to a new level and step out of your comfort zone. Remember that social media and SEO work hand-in-hand – you can’t be good at one without being good at the other. Get acquainted SEO expert’s take on Google updates and find out how these changes should change the way you do SEO. After this read you may want to revisit your current strategy.

5. eMarketers Unveils Pinterest Ad Revenue Forecast

Bet you were wondering if eMarketer would make it to the list! CMO’s aren’t only looking for updates, they are also looking for data. Rarely does a modern CMO go with their gut nowadays. And why should they? There is an overwhelming amount of statistics available online that guide any marketing strategy.

eMarketer is a great online publication that satisfies both the craving for trending news paired with data. One of the most read articles CMO’s were interested in was a first-ever forecast of Pinterest’s Ad revenue. Usually, Pinterest is left out of social media conversations because it’s not one of the first platforms that come to mind. But in recent years Pinterest has been making moves to make their platform more marketer-friendly, and from the looks of it – it’s paying off.

Key Learning: Pinterest is an amazing social media platform because of the strong buying intent users have. As a result, it’s an online haven for ecommerce companies especially for fashion, beauty, and retail. In this article, you’ll learn why Pinterest’s revenue growth is a big deal. To give you a hint – their ad revenue is expected to hit the one billion mark in 2020!

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Yesterday’s social media manager is the CMO, which means they understand the importance of everything digital. This group faces many obstacles that are unique to online marketing, which is changing by the minute. This is a just a taste of what the everyday CMO needs to know daily. It’s no longer enough to be well-versed in one platform or discipline, you need a granular understanding of how all of these different digital pieces fit together.

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