The Top Beauty Brands to Watch Out for on Black Friday

Black Friday can be competitive for any marketer in the beauty industry. You can use this chance to utilize tips and discover new ideas for your Black Friday campaign this year.

The Top Beauty Brands to Watch Out for on Black Friday

The performance quadrant reports show the dynamic correlation between high engagement and post frequency (among the top 25 pages during Black Friday of last year).


The Hunter category is where you know how to engage your audience and design a complex strategy to create the right campaigns. But if your brand lands into the Rookie category, it’s an opportunity to reflect and reinvent your best Black Friday marketing campaigns for this year.

But before you jump into our free quadrant report tools – Facebook Quadrant Report & Instagram Quadrant Report – learn how these beauty brands landed in their categories and dominated social media last Black Friday.

Kylie Cosmetics

An iconic brand that belongs in the Hunter category. Last year, Kylie Jenner launched her Holiday 2018 Collection a week before Black Friday. But why didn’t she launch the Holiday Collection on Black Friday? Well surprisingly enough, Kylie Cosmetics took it to another level.


On Black Friday, they launched one of their best products, KKW x KYLIE Round 2 — which gained over 338.1k interactions! Many of their customers loved the first round, so why not launch the second round on Black Friday? Based on our analytics, this was one of the best performing Black Friday posts of 2018.

Advice: If your brand is in the Hunter category, excellent job! But you don’t stop there, you always continue to find new trends and characteristics of your audience. You may be in the leading category, but you know there’s still more to work on!

Bath & Body Works

It’s all about choices. As a Hunter on both platforms, Bath & Body Works has shown engaging content that displays endless options of unlimited fragrances of perfume, lotions, candles, and holiday sets.

Now when it comes to Black Friday promotions, they are known for having a variety of promotional options, such as buy 3 and get 3 free, 2$ refills, tote bundle, and exclusive sets, which always excites their customers every year.


Advice: Any brand that falls into the Hunter category knows how to drive their engagement and how to scale it — Bath & Body Works is a great example of this! If you want your brand to land into this category, we can make your work easier and help you manage your engagement with accurate reporting and analytics.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

What makes Anastasia a Hunter on Instagram is that it’s filled with just everyday Instagrammers using their makeup. Whether it’s exciting photos of their product, selfies, or even their tutorials — Anastasia will showcase it. You can also see the right mix of collaborations with macro and micro-influencers, sometimes as little as 2k followers.


Anastasia has strong engagement on Facebook, but they didn’t post as much Black Friday content compared to their Instagram. However, it’s reasonable to focus only on your best social media platform during this season. We can conclude that their Facebook is more for promotional value and Instagram for more engaging, relatable content.

Advice: You can be surprised how much visibility influencers can get for your brand. Macro-influencers can definitely get you the volume, but micro-influencers can be more personable and target a specific audience. Save time and discover the perfect influencer for your best Black Friday marketing campaigns.

Fenty Beauty

Last year, Fenty Beauty delved into the Black Friday theme. Even though their Instagram landed in the Browser category, the STUNNA Black Lip Paint post attracted over 97k likes! What kept their engagement high was not only their gorgeous posts but with their unique hashtags!


When creating your hashtags, they should be fun and eye-catching, and simultaneously, aligned with your brand and your target audience — just like Fenty Beauty. When you make something valuable for your audience and not about you, you can really see how they use those hashtags. And you never know, maybe you’ll find new influencers for your brand through hashtags.

Advice: Don’t worry too much if your brand falls into the Browser category. You have the audience and the right engagement, you simply need to put more time into creating content. But increasing demand for quality content isn’t always easy to meet. Having a Black Friday content tool can make content creation easier.

The Takeaway

The beauty industry is highly competitive on social media, especially during Black Friday. You have to create beautiful, yet engaging content to reel those customers in and at the same time, post consistently to keep that engagement high. This is your chance to dive into your creativity to come up with the best Black Friday marketing campaigns.

Why not try it now? Discover where you currently stand amongst your competitors this season with our free quadrant report tools — Facebook Quadrant Report & Instagram Quadrant Report. 

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