Top Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Watch in 2019

Top Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Watch in 2019

2018 has been an incredibly busy year in influencer marketing. From fake follower accounts, to clear guidelines, and memorable influencer campaigns, the past 12 months proved that influencer marketing is here to stay – yet, its character is definitely going to change. Here are seven influencer marketing trends that are going to dominate 2019:

Influencers as Entrepreneurs

Influencers are realizing that they are the main product. As outlined in the research carried on for the book Make an Impact, influencers are now recognizing they are their own product – over 80% of social influencers and highly-influential people are agreeing to this statement.

Over the last few years, many influencers have begun to understand their success, and with more influencers building solid support bases, they will start to operate their online activity more like a business.

What does this mean for influencer marketing?

Influencers will be looking into differentiating their products and offerings, as well as diversifying and creating a business plan around their influence.

Instead of fully relying upon a pay per post solution, longer-term partnerships and small business plans are what influencers will be looking for. Whether it’s developing a product or publishing a book, influencers are becoming the next entrepreneurs, as shown by the profiling over 500 highly influential people discussed in the Make an Impact book.

Also, influencers as a business is becoming widely recognized by authorities, with the launch of platforms such as Register of Health & Wellness Influencers to fully regulate the marketplace.


The Rise of Influencer Podcasts and Series

Number two on our list of top trends in influencer marketing is the rise of influencer podcasts and series.

The consumption of video and audio content is rapidly expanding, and plenty of businesses are capitalizing on this trend.

Partnering with influencers in their existing podcasts, series, and videos will prove to be a seamless way to tap into their audience while they are engaged fully.

Podcasts and videos allow much more personal interaction and open up to opinion pieces, seamless features and personal discussions with the audience.

Look out for more and more influencer podcasts coming out in 2019.


The Full Coverage podcast is presented by professional make-up artist and influencer Harriet Hadfield and British journalist Lindsey Kelk. 

Credibility Is King

Through a research carried out by WellSpoken Mark over 2018, it’s been clear that credibility is what can make or break an influencer partnership.

Thanks to the new Register of Health & Wellness Influencers, we have had the chance to discuss with trained influencers about key lessons and discoveries when it comes to working with brands.

A lot of the time, the lack of education and confidence is what will undermine an influencer: “(the training) has given me the confidence to approach more brands and provided me with the skills to be clearer in my negotiations with them. It’s also taught me the importance of well-substantiated wellness content and being as transparent and honest with your audience as possible” (Yasmin Wakefield, ROHWI member)

Let AI Match Your Audiences with Authentic Influencers in Seconds

It has appeared rather clear that it’s not just about partnerships, but also the quality of the content influencers produce. “Before joining the training scheme I was aware that some of the content I wrote when I first started my blog no longer fit these values, and the course helped me to develop an editorial policy to revise these posts.” (Rachel Evans, ROHWI member)

Clearly, establishing credibility early on is one of the most critical influencer marketing trends that will continue to develop throughout 2019.

Quality of Followers Is Queen

For many influencers, audience size is critical.

Not surprisingly, it’s often the number of followers – in combination with engagement rate – that determine how much influencers charge per post. The higher the two metrics, the more money influencers can cash in.

But today, a large following is not everything. After numerous media outlets shed light on the issue of influencers purchasing fake followers (as opposed to building their audience organically), brands became cautious about the audiences of influencers they’d like to work with.

According to Unilever’s CMO Keith Weed, as much as 40% of influencers are involved in buying fake followers. This proves just how tricky finding authentic influencers has become.

Luckily, brands can easily check if the influencer of their choice has fake followers. With platforms like Socialbakers, companies are able to get an instant overview of the influencer’s key performance metrics and spot signs of fraud.

For example, marketers can view the influencer’s follower growth over time and immediately see if there are any suspicious spikes or dips in their total followers number.


As 2019 is going to be about making influencer marketing more transparent, we expect brands and influencers to increasingly start leveraging tools like Socialbakers to ensure the quality of their followers is on point.

Reaching Relevant Audiences Is Priority

In 2019 – it’s all about relevance.

Brands realize that the key to a successful influencer collaboration is ensuring that the influencer’s audience match their target audience. In other words: businesses need to double-check if they’ll be able to reach the right segment through the influencers they work with.

As the industry matures, companies start to realize that hiring a celebrity is not always the best way to get their brand in front of the right audience.


Instead, brands are often looking to partner up with smaller influencers who have a niche, highly engaged following. By working with micro-influencers, companies are able to reach very specific audience segments that are more relevant to their business.

Because micro-influencers’ audiences are smaller, many companies are leveraging a network of influencers to promote their products or services. This approach enables them to tap into an audience that’s still highly targeted and larger in size simultaneously.

A Democratic Marketplace

One of the leading trends in influencer marketing in 2019 is democratization.

As influencer marketing is becoming a well-established marketing technique, we will likely see increasingly more emerging influencers, brands wishing to leverage their potential, and marketplaces connecting companies and influencers.

Today’s social media users are tech-savvy and creative, which puts them in a great position to become influencers. There are plenty of amazing undiscovered content creators across social media who might rise to fame and open up to brand collaboration in 2019.

On the other end of the spectrum, brands will become more interested in leveraging influencer marketing. Thanks to the increasing number of influencers and the popularity of cost-effective micro-influencers, working with influencers will become more affordable than ever.

The new era of influence is a democratic one, and we could not be more excited to be a part of it!

The Future of Video and the Rise of IGTV?

This is a question mark point to this date: will IGTV eventually rise from its ashes and become an asset for influencers and brands alike?

Despite taking a much longer time than expected to catch on, IGTV could be a great way for influencers to combine more curated video content and brand collaborations.

After all, brands may start working with influencers who are active across a variety of video platforms, rather than just focusing on one, as they may have done in the past.


According to Cisco, 82% of all Internet traffic by 2022 will be video. Smart influencers will surely jump on this trend and get ready to create more quality video content this year to engage their audiences and attract brands in the future.

The Takeaway

Collaborating with influencers is definitely one of the most effective marketing techniques. To be able to make the most of it, you need to “stay in the know” of the most recent influencer marketing trends and keep updating your strategy accordingly. This way, you’ll be able to take your influencer campaigns to a whole new level and achieve maximum results.

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