Key Social Media Insights From the UAE Government in Q2 2020

Key Social Media Insights From the UAE Government in Q2 2020

Every quarter comes with its own unique set of opportunities and challenges for social media marketers, and Q2 2020 was no different. 

Based on Socialbakers’ exclusive quarterly data, we’ve compiled some insights to help you get a deeper understanding of the trends in the governmental industry in the United Arab Emirates.

Social Media Landscape

Looking at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, each platform stood out compared to the rest when looking at the 50 biggest governmental industry accounts in the United Arab Emirates.

When it comes to total audience, Facebook had the largest audience size out of the three. Meanwhile, Twitter had by far the most total mosts, but it was Instagram where marketers achieved the highest total interactions.

Social Media landscape in UAE

Top Government Accounts in UAE

The UAE government entities with the highest number of fans on Facebook: 

Facebook followers in UAE

If you would like to get access to the top 10 pages or understand which entities had the highest growth percentage in 2020, reach out to us to request a personalized demo.

Most of the UAE government entities with a lot of fans on Facebook also topped the list of accounts with the highest number of followers on Twitter:

Twitter followers in UAE

While Facebook and Twitter might be more informational, Instagram is all about the visuals. So perhaps it’s not surprising that the official Dubai Tourism account had by far the most followers:

Instagram followers in UAE

Interactions Per 1,000 Followers

Taking a closer look at the interactions for the governmental industry in the United Arab Emirates, Facebook had the highest average interaction per 1,000 followers in comparison to Twitter and Instagram. But overall engagement increased in Q2, which was in line with worldwide engagement trends.

The government Facebook accounts with the highest interactions per 1,000 followers during Q2: 

Facebook interactions in UAE

The government Twitter accounts with the highest interactions per 1,000 followers during Q2: 

Twitter interactions in UAE

The government Instagram accounts with the highest interactions per 1,000 followers during Q2:

Instagram interactions in UAE

Top Social Media Posts 

To help you reflect and plan your content ahead, governmental entities focused on the following content mediums and, in return, these are mediums that got them the highest engagement per platform.

Comparison of social media platforms

What are the top posts among the UAE governmental entities that created the most organic engagement in the United Arab Emirates in the last quarter? On Facebook, the top three posts were all from the Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, and all three were related to COVID-19:

Top Facebook posts in UAE

On Twitter, the top three posts came from three different accounts, and varied from news to advice:

Top Twitter posts in UAE

And then on Instagram, all of the top posts came from Dubai Tourism’s account:

Top Instagram posts in UAE

How Can You Further Use These Insights? 

This data may help you understand where you stand but for a full picture, it’s best to use a unified marketing platform like Socialbakers to be able to answer all their questions while planning, executing, and evaluating their social media performance.

  • Is my entity growing at a healthy pace? Where does my entity rank in comparison to the competitors? Is my entity above or below the average engagement rate? 

Tailor your strategy based on both micro- and macro-level insights. In addition to understanding the industry best practices, for a more tailored strategy, focus on creating your own competitor’s pool that has similar strategies and target audiences and then put more realistic KPIs for your followers and engagement growth. 

  • Should I be posting more inspirational quotes? Should my press release be published in a status, link, photo, or video? 

Create content that resonates with your audience. Understand which content pillars are working within your monthly editorial calendar and within a specific campaign. There is no solution that fits all so rather than trial and error use the data to further analyze these pillars and understand which content formats work best for each. 

  • Which entity posted the best content for the #MarsShot? Did my Ramadan campaign perform better than my competitors? X competitor’s Eid greeting looks good but did it perform well? 

Understanding content trends and campaigns. Get an overview of the top-performing content based on your KPI, whether it’s shareable content, most engagement, or most liked, and analyze this on both your page, competitors’ pages, or even on a specific countrywide campaign. In addition, what’s more interesting is to conduct the same exercise and understand what content didn’t perform well to be able to avoid creating it.

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