Webinar: Your Guide to Community Management Superpowers

Webinar: Your Guide to Community Management Superpowers

Community management is an essential part of brand communications, but it’s perhaps more important than ever during a time of crisis.

Usually a crisis situation is limited to just one brand or industry, but in the case of the worldwide pandemic there has been no brand left unaffected. So how should brands change their community management strategy in this current time?

That’s one of many issues that our panel discussed in this webinar, Your Guide to Community Management Superpowers: Get More Done With Less Effort.

Going beyond just the current situation, the panelists breakdown methods and strategies that drive great community engagement no matter what’s happening.

Featuring Socialbakers experts:

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Key Takeaways

  • How to adapt your community management strategy in a time of crisis
  • Tips to ensure that you are 100% tuned in to your audience’s needs
  • How to measure effectiveness and ensure maximum efficiency
  • The essential strategy to successfully interact with your community

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