Webinar: What’s Next for Retail and Ecommerce?

Marketing experts share their knowledge on the future for retail and ecommerce brands

Webinar: What’s Next for Retail and Ecommerce?

Today’s consumers experience countless touchpoints across online and offline channels along their path to purchase. Many crave the retail expertise and customer service that empowers them to make the best purchases they feel good about. 

These demands of the modern day consumer mean one thing only for retailers – they can no longer rely on one channel alone to succeed. It’s brands that think of the digital and physical presence as a single entity and are able to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience across channels who will thrive in the long run.

In this exclusive co-hosted webinar between Socialbakers and Euromonitor International, we:

  • Review how the retail industry performed in response to the shift in consumer behavior towards online channels in 2020.
  • Explore how the industry is expected to grow in 2021 and beyond, and how retailers can position themselves for success.
  • Highlight the winning digital channels that retailers should invest in to create a robust omnichannel customer experience strategy.

Featuring experts:

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Key Takeaways From This Webinar:

  • Customer expectations are changing, but brands aren’t adapting fast enough to deliver the right customer experience, hence creating a disparity known as the experience gap.
  • Customer experiences are no longer a “one size fits all.” Customers want to choose the channel they feel most comfortable with to get in touch with the brand. This means that every customer’s path to purchase is different and brands need to maintain an omnichannel presence and deliver relevant, fast, personalized interactions at every touchpoint.
  • 74% of global retail professionals expect the crisis-inspired ecommerce boom to become permanent. However, this does not mean that ecommerce will replace store-based retailing entirely. Consumers continue to see the importance of store-based retailing, evidenced in a survey where 46% of connected consumers cited the ability to try and feel product before purchase as a top motivation for in-store shopping.
  • Key areas of investment in technology that will help retail players catch up to the changes in consumer behavior include: 
    • Enhanced website performance and improved customer engagement through omnichannel experiences.
    • Expansion of digital payment capabilities.
    • Improved fulfilment and logistics efficiency through technology such as robots and drones.
    • Enhanced in-store experience.

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