What Can We Learn from the Big Game’s Top Advertisers?

Fans are divided on who should have won Sunday night’s game, but everyone can agree on one thing – big game advertising is massive!

What Can We Learn from the Big Game’s Top Advertisers?

So, which brands got the most bang for their advertising buck? Our AI-powered analytics gave us the answer seconds after the final whistle…

Advertising spots kept things light, positive, and silly with a number of celebrity appearances, heartwarming human stories, and of course… the birth of baby Mr. Peanut. While social media’s response to Planters’ play on the classic character wasn’t entirely favorable, the brand did achieve the highest volume of social interactions scoring first place on both Twitter and Facebook.

It comes as no surprise that consumer packaged goods, beer, and automotive brands were also among the top performers in the social media interactions category. Whether they tapped into our sense of humor, our need for speed or our love of pop culture references – each commercial stood out and inspired viewers to take to social. 

It’s also worth noting that the tech sector made quite an impact on social media with their big game ad spots. These brands know how to tap into our human wants and needs with their everyday offerings; and now our emotions too! Check out Google’s “aww” inducing, tearjerker if you haven’t done so already. 

Enjoyed this roundup and want to know how your brand measures up to such industry players? Check out our Facebook Performance Report!

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