Senior Product Manager

At Socialbakers, our mission is to improve the way how digital marketing (especially the social aspect of it) is done.

We’re building a constantly evolving SaaS platform that helps enterprises around the world make their digital marketing smarter. Breaking silos between teams, improving collaboration, using data to make smarter decisions (what works? what doesn’t? why?) etc. We wrote an article about how we build products here so be sure to check that out if you need more information. It’s here.

The Product Manager’s main objective is to continuously discover customer’s most pressing problems and drive the vision and roadmap that will lead to their solutions. You will be working directly with our clients as well as many teams internally. You will be the voice of the customer within the company and you will be expected to become a real expert on our markets and typical challenges our clients have.

First and foremost though, you’ll help us discover, build, and ship new products that will then be used by thousands of companies around the world. And you’ll also have a lot of fun in the process while growing professionally in a team of 15+ other product innovators.

What we expect from you (i.e. must-haves):

  • You’ve shipped products as a product manager before
    Shipping value is all we are about. And we expect the same from you. As part of the interview process, we’ll be asking about some specific examples of shipped products and the whole journey from their inception through release to success evaluation. Seniority is born in the “battle” with real customer problems, not just learned form the books 🙂

  • Independence and maturity
    We’ll give you access to all resources, materials and in general everything, you’ll need. You can also ask our teams (or anybody in our company, really) for help no matter what you need. However, nobody will be holding your hand and micro-manage what you do on daily basis. We expect that you’ve worked in such a role before and will be asking for some examples.

    You will be expected to fully take over your assigned product value streams in the first 3 months and also to start bringing value to it yourself (i.e. discover new problems, prepare a mid-term strategy, work on a specification, etc.)

  • Global experience
    Our company is very international and spread around the whole globe, the same as our customer base. We’d love you to come with an open mindset and ideally from an environment that’s similar to ours. Previous experience has shown that if that hadn’t been the case, it was quite a shock.

  • SaaS & Agile Native
    Researching, building, shipping & measuring SaaS products is way different than building digital products on-premises or managing non-digital products all-together. You should have already been in SaaS product management role before. We also expect you to be accustomed to any of the agile product management/development methods i.e. iterative improvements, small steps over big-bang releases.

  • English fluency
    Our product teams are very international (same as the entire company) and literally every aspect of our work is done in English. The entire company has English as the only official language too so we expect you to be fluent, if not eloquent at it. Ideally, you should have been working in an English-speaking environment before with frequent direct customer conversations. English doesn’t need to be your native language (nobody in our team is btw).

    Any other language (Spanish, French, Italian, any of the Asian languages,…) is a BIG plus.

  • Born communicator
    Product Management is all about listening, synthesising, analysing, discussing, describing, explaining, sometimes even “selling” 🙂 And for that reason, you must be a true passion when it comes to human2human communication. Especially our customers and sales/marketing colleagues will be your great partners in the problem discovery. This is another key personal trait we’ll be testing during the interview.

  • Problem solver 
    The culture in our team is absolute honesty and no-bullshit. The expectation is that problem gets discussed and solved. Processes get improved as we grow and as we discover the needs for improvements. And most importantly, that people don’t wait for “tasks” to be given but they take them and deal with things that have to be done to progress our common mission and improve our platform. We expect you to be exactly like that as well. Not sitting around, waiting for somebody to tell you what exactly to do but to show initiative, help others, deal with problems, and bring solutions.

What would be awesome if you had (i.e. nice to have):

  • Understanding of digital marketing ecosystem and processes within
    We do not expect the full knowledge of our business space from anybody coming to our team but if you have it, it will be a significant advantage for the first couple of months.

    If you don’t know much about digital marketing - don’t despair. We’ll help you with all resources we have available in our company to get you up to speed but be prepared there’s a lot to learn 🙂

    Over time, you’ll be expected to become a subject matter expert on your specific area.

  • Direct B2B SaaS experience
    B2B product management is very different from B2C or even B2G. We even wrote a little blog about it here. Familiarity with B2B will be a big plus.

What you can expect from us to help you make it all happen:

  • Direct access to customers (and their problems!)
    You will be part of many direct interactions (with customers, sales, internal teams, product peers,..). Your job will be to distill the important pieces of information about problems, form hypotheses, and test it.

  • Lots of data available to analyse
    You will also process, review, and interpret large bodies of qualitative and quantitative data on customer usage patterns to uncover new insights to drive new product improvements. You will make data-driven decisions daily using data from tools like Mixpanel, ProductBoard, Google Analytics, Fullstory, Logs, Intercom Salesforce,... And you will master them all

  • Direct responsibility for problem definition, product strategy & roadmap
    There’s no “boss” to dictate what and how exactly should be done 🙂. You will be repeating the previous steps again… And again until you find the real value and a true definition of a problem worth solving. We focus on Minimum Valuable Products. You will be responsible for problem and market definition (Who is it for? Why should we do it? What are the risks? and many others).

  • Collaboration with many talented colleagues that are all subject-matter experts
    You will work with many talented colleagues from product and other teams (product owners, design, engineering, sales,…) to nail down product specification, interactive prototypes, product rollout plans, pricing, packaging, and many other things

  • The rest of the product team has your back at all times
    No matter the challenge, you’ll never work on any of the above alone 🙂. We are #oneTeam after all.

What we offer

  • Opportunity to really make an impact on product suite that’s being used by thousands of users every day
  • Work in a very international environment in the modern offices in Karlín / in our own office in Pilsen / in Impact Hub in Brno / from your home
  • Agile and open-minded culture and a high level of flexibility. We don’t care from where the work gets done as long as it does
  • Possibility to learn new technologies & skills and turn your ideas into reality
  • Chance to compete in a ping-pong tournament or to enjoy table football, Playstation, Yoga or run with colleagues, and nearly all year-round grilling parties, and other team buildings opportunities
  • Workshops and meetings with various experts, internal trainings, language courses
  • 25 days of holidays, 3 sick days, home office
  • And others...let’s talk if you want to learn more!
Senior Product Manager
Brno, Pilsen, Prague
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