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Socialbakers Logotypes

All downloads include both PNG, EPS and PDF file formats. They also include EMF format which can be used specifically in Microsoft Office Applications.

Using the Logo

  • Give the Logo Some Space

    The basis for assessing the safe zone is used height of the letters "b" from the full logotype and the letter "s" from the alternative logotype.

  • Use the Right Size

    The smallest logo size allowed for printed materials is 20 milimeters wide and the minimum width in digital media is 100 pixels.

  • Use the Pixel Perfect Logos

    Try to pick one of the 6 different sizes of the logo provided for digital media, rather than scaling down the vector graphic.

  • Keep the Proportions

    To ensure the strongest impact, do not modify or distort the logo in any way. Never alter its proportions, rotate or skew it.

  • Don’t Try to Improve it

    Never alter the shape or colors of the logo. Don’t apply any kind of decorative elements such as shadows, reflections or light effects.

  • Let the Logo Stand Out

    Make sure there’s good contrast between the logo and the background. Also, always use the proper version for dark and light background.

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