Bath & Body Works Finds the Sweet Spot of Social: Where Content Meets Care

How the iconic personal care brand drives business results with exceptional social campaigns and community management

Bath & Body Works is an iconic personal care brand and the ultimate gift shop for all occasions. From their wide collection of fragrances to soothing skin care, they bring the relaxing spa experience to every home. Their products aren’t the only thing driving customer loyalty. The brand goes above and beyond in marketing and sales to champion personalized experiences at every touchpoint. Social media is no exception.

Let’s see how Bath & Body Works Arabia continues to see major business results from social media, from the lens of some of their best campaigns.

Top-Tier Occasion Campaigns Reach New Heights

Looking back on Bath & Body Works’ 2019 Ramadan campaign, the team achieved unprecedented social engagement compared to the previous year. Backed by audience insights and AI content grading from Socialbakers, they created relevant interest-driven content that did more than hit the mark. Not only did they spark meaningful social engagement and a whole bunch of brand love, they also saw a major increase in sales.

With Socialbakers, we’re seeing a big impact on Summer Sale Campaign performance which partially resulted in sales and footfall performance. The average for the first four days was at a 50% increase, with an overall in-store footfall increase of 35% by the end of the campaign. For the Ramadan campaign, as a brand, we increased in-store sales value by 7.7% compared to last year.

Amjad Al Shaiah, Digital Marketing Manager, Bath & Body Works & Lbrands

To reach such outstanding results Bath & Body Works leveraged Socialbakers’ AI-powered capabilities:

  • Content intelligence for data-driven planning
  • Audience insights for content relevance and sharp targeting 
  • Publishing time recommendations for maximum exposure
  • Content grading to allocate budget wisely

This success was a big one, and we at Socialbakers shared the achievement with the world as a customer success story. This year, we caught up with the teams to explore how their marketing has evolved since then.

How were they going to top this experience in 2020? A brand who knows that growth is always possible can strategize to get there. Let’s see what they achieved.

A People-First Strategy Drives Big Results

2020 has brought an entirely new set of challenges to all brands. With their 2020 Happy at Home campaign, Bath & Body Works Arabia knew what they had to do: now was the time to really double down on the great service they’re known for.

As customers flocked to their social media channels, it was important for Bath & Body Works Arabia to balance business with the human element. With a people-first approach to both social content and social care, the brand saw an increase in engagement across all platforms. Not only that. Fully committed to their community, they also opted to invest in a rigorous retraining of more than 25 sales consultants focused specifically on online communication and assistance. Because now more than ever, relationships matter. 

It’s easily seen how a renewed focus on what really matters can pay off in results.

Success Is Measured in Both Content and Care

Growing results year over year doesn’t come effortlessly. Socialbakers lightens the load when it comes to the tough stuff, leaving the team with more resources to add their human touch. Let’s walk through their recipe for success, step-by-step.

Step 1. Content analysis is speedy with a custom labeling system

The interplay between great content and customer care is the perfect sweet spot to drive brand love at every level. Bath & Body Works Arabia, backed by Socialbakers data, is primed to level up again, using content labels to have a full picture of the content format, pillars, and topics that really resonate. With this insight, they adjusted their strategy, giving the audiences the experiences they want and deserve.

Step 2. Manual routine reporting is a thing of the past

Bath & Body Works Arabia relied on custom dashboards to monitor the impact of their efforts across a diverse set of KPIs. Social engagement and audience sentiment told one side of the story; inquiries received and agent response rates told the other.  Dashboards ensured that they always had a topline view of campaign activities, so they were able to understand where they stand and prime for growth.

Step 3. Social Media Community Management initiatives are supported by data insights

Social Media Community management must deliver on consumers’ expectations. When monitoring the success of this activity, it’s important to note not only what questions are coming in, but slice & dice incoming communication by product, topic, sentiment, and more. Bath & Body Works received an influx of communication to their social channels in 2020. Using Socialbakers as a central command center, they were able to manage the load and keep tabs on the process, so that nothing slipped through the cracks.

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