FrieslandCampina Skyrockets Engagement By 86% With Gamified Content

How FrieslandCampina uses deep content intelligence to connect and grow with their family-oriented fans

Putting Audiences at the Heart of Every Decision

FrieslandCampina is a Dutch multinational dairy cooperative that’s in the top 5 worldwide. To reach new audiences, FrieslandCampina strives to connect with customers on social, reinforce brand awareness, and drive action beyond the social platforms.

For NOYNOY, their child-centric dairy brand in Greece and Cyprus, they wanted to actively involve fans in a playful campaign. With Socialbakers’ content insights, they delivered a highly personalized content strategy that not only skyrocketed social engagement, but also drove qualified traffic from Facebook to their interactive landing page on the web.

Results With Socialbakers

Planing Personalized, Relevant Content Strategies

For NOYNOY’s campaign, FrieslandCampina analyzed top-performing content for the brand’s audience. Monitoring key engagement metrics and content intel helped them focus their strategy on a valuable message for children and parents, and optimize campaign timing and targeting.

For the campaign, they decided on a gamification approach, highlighting the importance of quality time spent as a family. The campaign led to a clear call to action: play games together, with NOYNOY.

Bringing Families Together

With Socialbakers, FrieslandCampina could set realistic goals, optimize targeting, and deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. This detailed approach to content strategy drew major results with their target demographic, on social media and beyond. With this fun and exciting campaign, FrieslandCampina increased Impressions by 133%, leading to the ultimate goal: a 55% increase in players on its home landing page, netting a positive ROI.

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