Digital Agency INTREN Improves Client Results and Builds Strong Partnerships

How the agency delivers top results using a data-driven workflow, from planning to execution and reporting

INTREN is a digital agency based in Budapest, Hungary that specializes in data-driven marketing from social media management to search engine optimization. Socialbakers is integral to the work they do on social media for their clients and covers all their core areas.

Making clients successful means having the right solutions to scale their efforts. INTREN partnered with Socialbakers as a complete end-to-end social marketing platform, so they could not only improve client performance, but also report on the good news.

Socialbakers is an essential solution in our digital ecosystem. We use it on all four levels: content creation, content distribution, content management and reporting.

Viktoria Kecskes, Head of Strategy & Innovation, INTREN

“We use Content Inspiration for content creation, PrimeTime publishing and Promoted Post Detection for content distribution, Community and Publisher for content management, and of course its deep analytical tools and dashboards for reporting,” expanded Viktoria.

Content Planning, Backed By AI

For their client Nestle Purina Dog Chow in Hungary, INTREN used the comprehensive social media analytics in Socialbakers to benchmark the brand against its local competitors and adjust their content and social media strategies accordingly. 

“We want to use our clients’ budget wisely, which is why it was important for us to understand how much and how often competitors are investing in posts,” adds Viktoria. “Using Performance Prediction and AI content grading, we were able to implement an effective promotion strategy that helped us get more results for less budget.”

INTREN have also used the insights from Socialbakers to advise clients to take steps to change their content strategy, leading to improved results. They noticed that Purina Dog Chow’s content was struggling with organic reach.

“We realized that we needed to change our approach to content and reevaluate our strategy so that our posts would be seen,” says Balazs Buza, Head of Content. “Socialbakers helped us take a data-driven approach to this dilemma, enabling us to sift through all of our content and compare our best-performing and worst-performing posts side-by-side.”

Changing up Content Formats for a Top Client

Using social media analytics, INTREN found that Purina Dog Chow’s most engaging post types were video and photos, as opposed to links or text-based posts. In September 2016, INTREN changed the strategy significantly based on these findings and sought to build content with the goal of acquiring higher engagement rather than reach.

As a result, Purina Dog Chow’s increased their interactions by 3.5x from October 2016 – December 2016 compared to the same period last year.

“Reach gradually became more and more expensive, which posed a huge challenge for us. This inspired us to change our approach and place more importance on the quality of the content we were publishing,” explained Balazs Buza. “We no longer think solely in terms of reach, but rather in terms of engagement, which has, in turn, allowed us to reach our targeted audiences more effectively. We can now confidently invest in our best posts that our audiences love.”

Sharing Client Success With Ease

Using Socialbakers has also enabled INTREN improved their reporting processes, facilitating smoother communication with clients and increasing client satisfaction.

Socialbakers has allowed us to streamline our reporting and client updates. We use scheduled automated reports to keep our clients informed so everyone is always on the same page. The highly visual PowerPoint presentations have been the most effective in helping us clearly illustrate our results to our clients.

Viktoria Kecskes, Head of Strategy & Innovation, INTREN

With unified, professional reporting, client satisfaction has soared, allowing INTREN to build lasting relationships to grow their own business in the long run.


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