Lexus Saudi Arabia Delivers the Ultimate in Social Customer Experience to Drive Results

Lexus KSA’s objective is to become the most interacted with automotive brand in the Middle East. In service of this goal, Lexus KSA needed to execute a stellar customer care strategy. Socialbakers provided a unified solution for them to execute end-to-end social media campaigns to deliver on their wider business goals.

With Socialbakers, Lexus KSA can monitor their social media performance in a competitive context, and has the necessary information to take immediate action to improve customer retention and acquisition.

Socialbakers’ insights arm us with the necessary information to take immediate action to improve customer retention and acquisition.”

Mohammed Ziad Murad, Digital Marketing General Manager, Lexus KSA

Lexus KSA established their digital department in 2012. They teamed up with Socialbakers in 2013 to track their social media performance across the major platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Social Customer Care to Grow Engagement

Social customer care has been the cornerstone of Lexus KSA’s social strategy. The automotive brand is focused on providing quality service to its fans and followers 24/7, answering questions in 10 minutes or less. As a result of their customer focus and community engagement, they’ve been able to increase conversions and become one of the most interacted-with automotive brands in the region.

Growth for Lexus KSA over time is easily monitored in the Socialbakers platform
Multiplatform analysis helps Lexus KSA understand success and spot new opportunities

Socialbakers has been instrumental in helping Lexus KSA maintain stellar customer care and content strategies. With smooth community management, they’re able to see and respond to customer questions immediately, all from one central Community module.

“Our structure is having one leader, three content generators and publishers, and 13 agents for answering customer inquiries,” says Mohammed Ziad Murad, Digital Marketing General Manager.

Socialbakers Community has helped us divide the work by assigning roles for each associate. We assign posts if a fan or a follower asks a specific question that can be forwarded to a specialist who can best answer that question.

Mohammed Ziad Murad, Digital Marketing General Manager, Lexus KSA

By connecting with their community in ways they couldn’t before, they’ve consistently increase their brand awareness. With the help of Socialbakers, Lexus KSA continues to craft a winning content strategy and leverage important insights through digital innovation making them a market leader in the region.

Tracking response rate is key for Lexus KSA to ensure high quality customer care at all times

Analyzing Performance to Deliver on Business Results

With Socialbakers analytics, Lexus KSA gets a comprehensive overview of their social media performance in a competitive context.

Grouping and labeling content has been especially effective for them, allowing them to scale analysis and save time.

With content labeling, we’re able to track how our fans or followers are feeling – positive, negative or neutral – after sales campaigns.

Mohammed Ziad Murad, Digital Marketing General Manager, Lexus KSA

This is essential for analyzing their progress, benchmarking against the competition, exposing weaknesses for improvement, and maintaining their strengths. “It’s essential for us to compare our work against local and international competitors, which is seamless with Multi-Compare in Socialbakers Analytics,” says Murad.

The Social Media Command Center

Lexus KSA’s social media command center provides an easy way to see the most important KPIs, compare themselves with the competition, and keep an eye on content performance. The team are also able to take advantage of trending topics and real-time conversations to interact with their fans and followers.

Lexus saves time with customizable automated reporting in the Socialbakers platform; they choose to report on what is most relevant for the team and top management. The customer care call center benefits immensely, since team is able to report directly to the digital marketing head and work closely with other departments.

Lexus KSA’s Twitter growth is compelling after implementing the command center

Lexus KSA’s YouTube channel is among the top 10 fastest-growing in the Middle East, and is largest channel in terms of subscribers. They’ve successfully grown their subscribers in the thousands, and video views in the millions.

Lexus KSA has substantially improved YouTube content with Socialbakers data insights
YouTube subscriber count has also grown for Lexus KSA

Socialbakers has helped Lexus KSA to monitor their social media performance in the context of their competition. “Socialbakers’ insights arm us with the necessary information to take immediate action to improve customer retention and acquisition,” explains Murad.

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