SocialKeepers Influencer Communication Agency Delivers Top Results for Clients

How the teams at SocialKeepers agency expertly manage social media strategies for a diverse portfolio of clients

SocialKeepers, an agency working primarily with public figures and influencers, leverages Socialbakers to engage audiences and grow their clients’ businesses across social media.

Socialbakers is a lifesaver! It makes every task easy for us. We wouldn’t think of using a different solution. Thanks to its user-friendly design, clear dashboards, insights and benchmarks, we’re able to identify our clients’ needs every time.

Hanen Ben Said, Project Coordinator, SocialKeepers

Data Insights Drive Top Client Results

Facing challenges characteristic of agency and client relationships – how to connect with different audiences across many profiles, creating customized strategies, analyzing results to retain clients – SocialKeepers uses Socialbakers’ data insights and AI-powered recommendations, all key roles can expertly deliver on KPIs and contribute to client success.

Socialbakers is a complete solution that covers all our needs. It allows us to provide strategic advice to our customers, and perform market analysis too. Socialbakers serves me as Social Media Planner to assess trends and insights in relation to content. I rely on it for its recommendations for clients, as well as for benchmarking.

Elyes Brahim, Social Media Planner, SocialKeepers

Seamless Workflows Makes It Easy To Make the Right Call

With Socialbakers all-in-one solution, SocialKeepers optimizes client results, delivering on their KPIs. One client example shows major growth. Q1 2018 saw an average of 242 Interactions Per Post. And Q1 2019? 3.9K Average Interactions Per Post.

So how does SocialKeepers do it? Seamless workflows, backed by data every step of the way, ensures decision-making is easy and accurate.

  • Choosing the Best Time To Post
    Socialbakers helps SocialKeepers make the right decisions at the right time. “Knowing the exact best time to post for all our different clients helps us reach the maximum amount of our target audiences,” said Beya Jemaa, Digital Account Manager for SocialKeepers.
  • Promoting the Right Posts
    AI-backed insights help identify the right posts to highlight. “With Socialbakers’ content grading, we know which organic posts to boost, optimizing our ads budget,” said Jemaa.
  • Communicating Clearly
    Easily share results from one place. “Socialbakers has proven from the very beginning to be the best solution for us to take care of all of our clients’ social activities,” said Jemaa. “Reporting KPIs from a single dashboard is the most useful functionality; it makes managing different accounts much easier.”

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AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Suite

Understand your audience, create more effective content to engage and grow your customer base, and measure social media’s impact on your business goals.