Game Developer and Publisher Social Point Nurtures Fan Communities Worldwide

How Social Point maintains a social community, offering fans not just the games, but other content

For Social Point’s community managers, timing is everything. With more than 50 million people playing Social Point’s award-winning games each month, the team has the opportunity to reach a huge audience that spans global time zones.

A platform like Socialbakers is critical to us because we can program content and prepare a monthly global strategy.

Victor Díaz-Roig, Head of the Community Management Department, Social Point

Maintaing Social Communities Globally

An online game developer based in Barcelona, Social Point started offering free Facebook games in 2008. Since then, though they’ve branched out into games for Android and iOS platforms, ties to the social media site remain essential to the company’s strategy. “Our performance on Facebook currently is key,” said Victor Díaz- Roig, the head of Social Point’s Community Management Department.

In addition to Facebook, Social Point engages more than 20 million fans of their games such as Dragon City and Monster Legends over several platforms, including Twitter, forums, and wikis.

“Our key strategy is to maintain a community,” said Díaz-Roig. “We want to offer our fans not just the games, but other content.”

Five new Dragons each with unique spellbinding powers are reuniting in Dragon City, starting with today's Magi Forest…

Posted by Dragon City on Monday, May 11, 2020

One of the particular challenges for Social Point as a developer with a worldwide fanbase is that people are not usually playing games during office hours. Because fans often interact with Social Point’s Facebook page long after the Spanish team has signed off for the day, Díaz-Roig uses Socialbakers’ to moderate the flow of posts and schedule content to appear at the best time for Social Point’s customers—no matter where they live.

But how do they know which time is optimal for posting an update? Using Socialbakers, Social Point can determine the right moments to post for each fan group, anywhere.

For example, it might be best to post news about one game to New Yorkers at 6:15 p.m. and information about another game to Berliners at noon.

With Socialbakers, we know what hours work best for each game. Tt’s very important in terms of monetization and the reach of the post.

Victor Díaz-Roig, Head of the Community Management Department, Social Point

Improving Internal Operations to Support Online Fans

Analytics also help Social Point solve staffing challenges. “The weekend is crucial for gaming,” Díaz-Roig says, but the company’s team works weekdays. And since Social Point’s games are popular in the US, which is six to ten hours behind Barcelona, it would be impossible to have live coverage during peak hours, even Monday to Friday.

“We are not a very big team, so Socialbakers helps us manage our time better and to work faster,” says Díaz-Roig.

In addition to engaging with fans and fostering a sense of community in each of their online platforms such as FB, Twitter, and forums, Social Point’s social media managers liaise with their art and corporate marketing departments to ensure Social Point’s feeds bring fans the latest, juiciest updates on the growing portfolio of games.

This weekend, reunite all 4 mighty Titan Dragons in this Collection to get the 5th, Primal Titan Dragon, for free! 🆓

Posted by Dragon City on Saturday, May 2, 2020

“We have a quite interesting pipeline of new games,” Díaz-Roig says. He’s particularly looking forward to the next product launch now that he has the use of Socialbakers’ reliable tools.

The security of knowing everything’s going to work in the proper way is essential. For us, Socialbakers’ products are really important.

Victor Díaz-Roig, Head of the Community Management Department, Social Point

The Competitive Advantage With Socialbakers

  • Essential for successfully managing the community of over 20 million fans in different time zones
  • Saves time and allows faster and more effective workflow for content publishing
  • Enables measuring of competitors in the gaming market and adjustments to the strategy accordingly
  • Important for establishing proper segmentation and timing of social campaigns
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