A +341% Increase in Love Reactions for Tune Talk, Mobile Virtual Network Operator

How an audience-centric approach to social media turns loyal fans into engaged brand advocates

The fastest growing Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Malaysia, Tune Talk stands out in the crowd. By not only providing high quality services, but also gathering a vibrant social community, they build relationships that last.

Serving meaningful content and engaging in discussions with every follower is vital for their success. How do they manage this journey from planning to execution to get results?

Creating a Telco That Audiences Love

To grow a loyal community and still deliver on business goals, Tune Talk established seamless cross-team collaboration and data-driven processes.

Socialbakers helps in our mission to deliver barrierless, deep personal connections – not only with our current customers, but also potential users.

Fara Hasan, Head of Communications and Content at Tune Talk Sdn Bhd

It all starts with planning to create the perfect content mix. Striking the right balance of content was key for building authentic relationships with their audiences.

“We strive to publish viral yet informational content, that is aligned and relevant with current trends – but at the same time effectively push our brand and offerings. We want to look beyond passive content consumption and successfully drive purchase intent, yielding a higher ROI,” said Fara.

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Posted by Tune Talk on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

How did the teams get the most from the planning stage? With data. Accessing content insights made content planning focused and deliberate. Diving into industry trends by top content allowed them to create their own that resonates widely across the social sphere.

Getting the Most from Top Content

Tune Talk’s strategy doesn’t stop with content planning. Scheduling across platforms at the optimal time helped them reach maximum organic exposure. From there, seizing momentum and boosting the best performing posts allowed them to take their message even farther to get results.

Socialbakers has successfully bridged the gap between our team and Tune Talk users across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With its user-friendly interface, we can now communicate with customers more efficiently and oversee their interactions on multiple platforms instantaneously.

Fara Hasan, Head of Communications and Content at Tune Talk Sdn Bhd

To take engagement even further, they used Socialbakers central command center to engage with every comment with speedy and personalized responses. This approach established a solid ground for brand advocacy.

Dedication to the Community Pays Off

With an audience-driven approach to campaigns, Tune Talk delivered on their promise to be more than the standard telco.

#MalaysiaBersama #LawanCOVID19Dear Tune Talkers and fellow Malaysians,Let’s unite to support our medical heroes in…

Posted by Tune Talk on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Creating compelling campaign reports in real time allowed Tune Talk to adjust their strategy and achieve even better results.

The metrics speak for themselves:

  • 817% increase in comments, showing how engaging their content is
  • 703% increase in content shares, as audiences act as advocates for the brand
  • 341% increase in the use of the Love reaction, illustrating exceptional community building
  • 18% faster response rate from Tune Talk from Socialbakers Community, the stress-free command center for all incoming communication

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