Post Impressions: June vs Dec 2011

There have been rumblings that Impressions are down for Facebook Pages. Most rumors are pointing specifically to the past 6 months. We analyzed June 2011 vs December 2011 comparing the average Impressions per post per fan. 

The average Page experienced a change of -50% (Impressions/Fans per Post). The median change was -58%, illustrating that most Pages suffered a loss of approximately 50% over these two time periods. This translated to the average Page actually losing 250 impressions per post (median value). It gets worse, these same Pages grew 53% over this same time period (median value).

Why The Decrease?
We ran an analysis one month after f8 to determine the impact of the new Hybrid News Feed. It was found that Impressions were down 22% at the time, and it appears it may be down even further now. The implementation of the new Hybrid News feed may be the reason. We don’t believe this was intentional on Facebook’s side and would attribute this to increased competition within the News Feed from both brands and users. Photos, checkins, and brand updates have been increasing in the past 6 months; this is why leveraging EdgeRank is more important than ever. As the competition increases in the future, prime real estate in the News Feed will become even more scarce. It will be up to brands to leverage EdgeRank to continue to receive their share of exposure.

How Did We Analyze The Data?
We examined all Pages that posted in both June and December of 2011. We then averaged their per post performance for both time frames. This created a sample size of approximately 1,000 Pages. Out of 1,000 Pages only 44 Pages had an increase in their Impression Per Fan ratio.

What Can I Do About This?
Understand that there is, and will be, more competition than ever before in the News Feed. The Pages that are able to understand and leverage EdgeRank will hopefully continue to beat competing brands on the News Feed. It is vastly important to continue to create engaging content that your Fans will want to engage with and share.

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  1. Cool! I noticed a decline, but did not realize that this was playing out across the board on Facebook. Good to know.

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