Brand New Agency Dashboard

Managing a multitude of Pages is now easier than ever. The Dashboard has been redesigned to accomodate Agencies and Super Users alike.

EdgeRank Over Time Graph
The graph provides a comphrehensive visual understanding of how all of your Pages are performing. Previously, EdgeRank Over Time was a feature reserved for Pro Users only. With the new Dashboard we’ve decided to extend this Pro feature to our Free Users as well. Pages can be toggled on and off, and you are able to pick the timeframe being observed.

Overall Metrics
Five metrics are displayed for each Page, and all metrics are sortable. The quick look metrics include: Engagement Ratio (Engagement/Fans), Reach (Reach/Fans), Virality (number of people who have created a story from your post as a percentage of the number of people who have seen it), and Post Lifetime. Metrics are Green or Red depending on how they’ve changed, positively or negatively.┬áPlease note, when sorting by name or EdgeRank Score Pro Pages sort above any Free Pages.

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