What is the average Facebook Page’s Organic Reach?

Knowing how Pages perform with Organic Reach is an integral process in understanding how EdgeRank is impacting your content. We analyzed over 14,000 pages over the past 30 days (5/16/12 – 6/16/12) to see their average Organic Reach per post.

Smaller brands tended to reach more of their fans. This is most likely due to fan acquisition methods and difficulty publishing engaging content to their entire audience. Bigger brands acquire fans for a variety of reasons and the audience has a varying degree of interests related to the brand. This causes struggles for mega brands when it comes to leveraging EdgeRank to their advantage.

How to Improve?
Improving Organic Reach boils down to understanding EdgeRank. To build your content’s average EdgeRank, you’ll need to continue to improve the engagement of your content. Encourage your audience to Like, Comment, and especially Share your content. Over time this will build Affinity with your audience, therefore increasing your Reach onto their news feeds.


10 Comments on “What is the average Facebook Page’s Organic Reach?

  1. Michael

    good graphic !!!! and really interresting!

  2. Hi,

    Great insights, thanks for sharing. Something that would be really interesting is to see how this changes by engagement score (a weighted PTAT score). ie. Do pages that have high PTAT reach more or less of their fan base.

    You guys fancy giving that analysis a try?


    • Chad Wittman

      Thanks for the suggestion. I personally despise the PTAT stat due to it’s inflated nature (includes too many actions in my opinion). It would be interesting to compare against engagement however. We’ll keep it in mind!

      • Thanks. I kinda agree, as PTAT is too heavily influenced by new likes – so if you’re comparing 2 pages and one has a big media spend – it will show as having high PTAT (and thats not really engagement).

        Reverting to a purer ‘per post’ engagement score – I’d be fascinated to see if, across numerous pages, there’s a correlation with reach.


  3. Aruna Handique

    ‘Smaller brands tended to reach more of their fans. This is most likely due to fan acquisition methods and difficulty publishing engaging content to their entire audience.’ I didn’t quite understand this. Care to explain why ? Thanks !

    • Chad Wittman

      That’s not worded in the most clear way. “Smaller brands tended to reach more of their fans, while larger brands struggled to reach their fans. This is most likely due to fan acquisition methods and difficulty publishing engaging content to their entire audience.”

      Larger brands often acquire fans in a variety of ways, sometimes not through a particular campaign. For example, a company like Nike would receive fans for a variety of reasons. People may be interested in promos, new shoes, basketball, football, etc. These people also most likely chose to become a fan for a variety of reasons (cool videos, coupons, promotion, shoe interest, clothes interest, etc). With so many variables at play, it would be difficult for the main Nike brand page to publish content that satisfies all of their fans interests and desires. I believe due to this issue (fan acquisition methods), this makes the issue very challenging. This is only amplified when considering how to publish content that appeals to all of their fans.

  4. Aruna Handique

    Thanks Chad. I get it now, the explanation was helpful.

  5. It’s disappointing that facebook put up restrictions on fan reach on the outside it’s just frustrating, but from a business perspective it forces people to purchase advertising which generates more revenue and exposure for facebook…. very clever. I’m glad that I stumbled across this platform. It gives me hope on what I thought was a bleak future with reaching an audience I worked so hard to establish. Hats off to you Edgerank!

  6. It is ongoing monitoring system to help you understand your efforts and strategies. I am hopeful to boost my online targeted audience. Thanks Chad Wittman for explaining it nicely.

  7. Hi,

    Great insights indeed! Is there more specific data? Now there are insights voor pages with fanbase 10 k – 100 k. Are there more insights for subsets of this range, for example 10 k – 20 k, 21 k – 30 k, and so on? Would be very interesting for my compagny! Furthermore, will there be an update for more recent data soon? Thank you in advance for your reply.

    Erjon (Netherlands)

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