The State of Facebook: June 2012

Here at EdgeRank Checker, we’re often asked how the ecosystem of Facebook is constantly changing. We pride ourselves in understanding how brands on Facebook can succeed by publishing onto the news feed. That being said, we’ve decided to begin analyzing how the State of Facebook is changing month to month.

The State of Facebook: June 2012

Best Post Frequency
For May and June, Best Post Frequency remained the same. Most brands are achieving optimal engagement per post by only posting once a day. A once-per-day optimal post frequency is most likely due to the difficulty of creating unique and engaging content. If a brand is able to deliver an abundance of truly engaging content, we suggest posting multiple times a day.

Best Day of the Week
Wednesday as the Best Day of the Week went unchanged from May to June. Although numerous studies have been published regarding the best days of the week to publish content, the reality is found in understanding your audience. Brands with blue collar fans may have less engagement during the work week due to reduced internet access.

Best Post Type
Photos reign supreme when it comes to best post type. Photos typically outperform any other form of post type due to their engaging nature. Additionally, photos take up more real estate within the news feed, which may also contribute to an increase in engagement. If possible, we suggest publishing more photo heavy content as opposed to links or status updates.

Average Virality
Average Virality increased from 1.12% to 1.49%. The increase is most likely due to standard fluctuations within the Facebook ecosystem. We’ll take a look next month to see if this ends up being a trend.

Average Reach/Fan
We saw a slight decrease in Reach/Fan from 23.19% to 22.22%, roughly a 1% drop. These Reach percentages are slightly above the Facebook wide average of 16% in all probability due to our sample size selection. More importantly, we’re monitoring that Reach/Fan is remaining relatively constant and within normal fluctuations.

Average Engagement/Fan
We saw a small increase in Engagement/Fan from 0.26% to 0.28%, which is a normal fluctuation. Engagement on brand’s updates are remaining stable and within normal ranges.

When analyzing our State of Facebook Report for June 2012, most metrics remained within normal fluctuations. Overall, the past two months have been relatively calm for brands on Facebook. This makes sense considering little changes to the structure of Facebook and the lack of new features.

How Did We Analyze This?
We analyzed the months of May and June 2012 from a random subset of our Pages. We analyzed a variety of metrics across a variety of industries and page sizes. The sample size of the pages analyzed exceeded 1,000 pages.

5 Comments on “The State of Facebook: June 2012

  1. The data are interesting, and I look forward to future updates. But . . . .

    It may seem trivial, but setting three bar charts side by side implies a comparison. Arbitrarily monkeying with the scales to make a smaller change seem bigger may or may not be dishonest, but it is bad form and discombobulating.

  2. Speaking of interesting data, I’m curious about the average reach & engagement figures. I’m guessing your numbers are higher than Facebook average not because of sample size issues but because of self-selection bias: page admins who care about increasing reach and engagement are much more likely to be customers of a service like EdgeRankChecker than admins who don’t care or don’t know about such things.

    One analysis that would be interesting to me would be distribution of data (say, reach) WITHIN your database. In other words, what is the average reach of the pages with the worst reach (say, the bottom 25%) versus the best reach (say, the top 25%). That would give us a better idea of what our goal should be versus an industry average that includes many pages that simply aren’t even trying. This kind of comparison would be interesting across many metrics you track.

  3. I hope this data doesn’t change – if only because it’s such a great baseline as far as advising page managers. “Post once a day. And include a great photo.” It’s do-able for those just getting into it, and will force others to filter themselves.

  4. Any chance we can get an updated chart for October/November or November/December?


    • Chad Wittman

      We should follow up on this, we can look at November / December — Will post in January.

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