Facebook Announces More Links In The News Feed

Facebook has announced another significant tweak to the news feed algorithm (often called EdgeRank). You can read their blog article in full or check out our summary of the changes here.

What Did Facebook Announce?

  • More Links will be displayed within the news feed.
  • Links that are commented on by friends will receive a bump in the news feed.
  • Memes will receive a decrease in the news feed.

More Links In The News Feed

Facebook has noticed a trend of people consuming more Links. Facebook is now placing a heavier importance on Links and how Links are consumed on mobile devices. Facebook emphasizes the importance of mobile and how these browsing behaviors may be different than desktop consumption.

Facebook Links

Comment Stories

Story Bumping (unveiled this summer) takes old posts and reintroduces them into the news feed at a later time. With Comment Stories (when a friend comments on a Link) their friends will now be more likely to see the old post. This creates more engagement for the users and the Page with the post.

This places a new emphasis on acquiring fans that are friends. If your audience has Affinity with each other, this will increase the likelihood of your objects being exposed in the news feed more often with Story Bumping.

Memes Penalty

Facebook used their announcement to once again bash memes. We recently discussed how Facebook may identify memes, but Facebook got more specific. Facebook mentions “a meme photo hosted somewhere other than Facebook.” This seems to imply that memes via Facebook Photos are penalized less than memes on Imgur, livememe, and makeameme.

Regardless of where a meme is hosted, it’s quite clear that Facebook wants less of them on their platform, especially if they’re not a Facebook Photo. As always, we recommend avoiding memes in general.

What Can You Do To Take Advantage Of These Changes?

If you’re a publisher, the good news is that you don’t have to change much. If you’re a photographer or heavy photo publisher, you may see a decrease in exposure. The news feed has finite space. If Links have a heavier weight—Photos have less.

  • Don’t be afraid of posting Links
  • Consider decreasing Photo posts in lieu of posting more Links
  • Build fans that are friends with each other to benefit from Comment Stories
  • Avoid using memes, especially those not hosted on Facebook

Ultimately this announcement is great for Pages that rely more frequently on Links than Photos. If you’re not a publisher-type, don’t worry, Facebook still wants “to show the right content to the right people at the right time.” If your Photos are engaging, your audience wants Photos, and you should be fine.

23 Comments on “Facebook Announces More Links In The News Feed

  1. Servando

    As of yesterday’s afternoon, I’ve seen a decrease in the reach of all the links in my fanpages, and hundreds of people are seeing the same behavior in the last 3-4 days.

    When I read the official news yesterday I was happy because we post links and images at almost the same rate. But now the links have a much lower reach around 20-30% of what we had before, and we’re not using memes.

    Could this be a a temporary result as the algorithm changes and come back after a few days?

    • Chad Wittman

      Perhaps – We’re seeing low Reach on Links at time of this post as well. We will keep an eye on it.

  2. Marjan

    We got same problem on our FB page. Reach is decreased rapidly even that we post only links.

    • Chad Wittman

      We’re hearing this from just about everyone. Seems to be the exact opposite of what Facebook announced.

  3. Relsurg

    Today out of nowhere our organic reach has gone from 100k average to 2k average for the new kind of photo link posts.

    Could this be related to the update?

    • Chad Wittman

      This may be related to the update. Facebook insists the change shouldn’t be drastic, but so far we’ve seen drastic decrease in some Pages. We’ll be keeping our eye on the changes and see if there’s a bigger story. We’ve seen drops like this before during a change, but it’s often been a bug. We will keep everyone posted.

      • Matt

        We have seen DRASTIC changes in our EdgeRank Score when this “update” rolled out. It was well above 30, then dropped below, 20, and a few days later, on the 7th to be exact dropped into the single digits. Do you think this is a bug and Facebook will fix it?

        It helps to know as much as possible.

        • Chad Wittman

          We’ve seen about a week’s worth of data, it’s looking like the odds of being a bug are diminishing.

  4. array064

    I got same problem. I’ve seen a decrease in the reach of all the links in my fanpages, starting from Dec 3rd, 2013.

    • Chad Wittman

      We’re seeing the same on a bunch of Pages, we’ve seen this happen in the past with content during algorithm changes. We’ll be keeping our eye on it and will publish a blog post with more details.

  5. pnick

    Do you have information what is happen with links reach in pages? It is totally decreased. I

    • Chad Wittman

      We’re seeing this for many Pages. We’re going to keep our eye closely on this and will blog about it if it sustains over the next few weeks.

  6. We manage many page of clients and we also own some big community page. And actually, some page which we are handling, decrease reach drastic event meme post or link post.
    How do you think about this change of Facebook sir?

  7. Or reach was hit badly, as our fan base comes from various parts on the world, looking forward to share more links and decrease the pictures.

  8. Steve

    We have over 180k followers on our FB page and have watched our reach drop dramatically as well this week. Down 38% from last week. Posts that used to receive an average of 30-50 comments are now seeing 6-7 comments. I wish they’d stop messing around with things!

  9. victor

    The scope of my page greatly diminished what is happening?

  10. This is not great news for a company who is trying to gain revenue from pages that are advertising, I manage many pages for brands and with the decline in reach even though my engagement is high my clients are no longer wanting to pay for promoted posts as the benefit is no longer there for them. Facebook needs to rethink the measurement before pages are closed and moved to alternative platforms that focus on engagement and not the amount spent on advertising. The social side of this model is failing.

  11. azhar

    I am experiencing the same my pages reach is getting low and low. How I can solve this problem? Does any one knows any way to resolve this isssue?

  12. Stanley

    My organic reach is down over 1000%.
    My daily likes went from averaging 15,000 to 500.

    Completely different experience.

    Very disappointing.

  13. SAQIB


    • Chad Wittman

      I’m sorry, I don’t fully understand your question. Can you please rephrase it?

      • SAQIB

        sir the link reach of my page is only 5% or 10% right now from 21st January 2014 if i compare the link reach of my page before 21st of January 2014…. my link sharing reach is getting down kindly help me out…..

        • Chad Wittman

          Organic Reach on Links is down. The goal is to improve engagement to help reduce the effect.

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