Providing Stats & Metrics to the Eat24 Facebook Discussion

There are many competing opinions about Facebook’s news feed and business tactics. We wanted to provide an updated look into some metrics to help guide these discussions with data.

For the typical Page on Facebook in March 2014:

  • Organic Reach per Fan = 6.51%
  • Fan Reach per Fan = 6.46%
  • Viral Reach per Fan = 0.99%

Where were we before this?

Organic Reach per Fan (Median):

  • Feb 2012 = 16%
  • Sep 2013 = 12.60%
  • Nov 2013 = 10.15%
  • Dec 2013 = 7.83%
  • Mar 2014 = 6.51%


Brands with “Social DNA” are now outperforming peers

Many different types of businesses are still doing very well on Facebook, even in terms of Reach. We’re starting to see that brands who naturally do well in social media are performing stronger than brands that traditionally struggle.

For example, artists/musicians/entertainers/movies are experiencing average Organic Reach well above their news feed competitors like retail/clothing/bank/appliances.

Part of the recent discussion around Facebook has been focused on local businesses against the larger “viral content creators.”


We pulled data from different sized Pages, and broke them out by a few key categories. As you can see in the breakdown, media/news/publishing is still performing quite strong compared to their peers. The typical large 1M+ Pages are experiencing Organic Reach around 4%.

An interesting observation: Fan Reach/Fan and Organic Reach/Fan are nearly identical.

In the past we tended to study Organic Reach/Fan. This was because we felt this was the most helpful metric due to Facebook presenting this number as often as possible in Insights. When Facebook discussed negative changes to brands they would rely on the (almost always) better looking metric of Fan Reach/Fan. However, these two numbers in our latest study are now nearly identical (~98% accuracy).


Organic Reach has decreased over the past few years. What we’re beginning to see is brands with “Social DNA” are now pulling away from the rest of the pack. Brands that struggle to engage their audience, when measured against brands like the NBA, are being urged by Facebook to use ads to “make up the difference.” There are still brands that are leveraging Facebook quite effectively, especially by leveraging things like Shares, and encouraging people to Organically discuss/promote their content (think Old Spice).

Interestingly, Viral Reach per Fan is up to 1.10% (0.60% in Feb 2013). Facebook is giving additional exposure to content that it deems “Viral.” If this number had significantly decreased, or approached 0—we would be concerned that Facebook was even further squeezing brands. However, this does not seem to be the case.

How did we study the data?

We looked at data for the month of March. We examined both Organic Reach as well as Fan Reach, although these two metrics were nearly the same over this time period. We examined just under 1,000 Pages that posted nearly 50,000 times. Most metrics reported are the Median of each Page’s average over this time period, unless stated otherwise.

Watch Your Industry on Facebook As It Happens: Monocle

Achieving success with EdgeRank is a two front battle. First, determine how to succeed with your fans. Second, determine how to beat your news feed competitors. EdgeRank Checker Pro has helped thousands of marketers learn how to succeed with their fans. Now we’re excited to unveil a new feature to determine how to beat your news feed competitors: Monocle.

Facebook Real Time Competitive Analysis: Monocle

Monocle monitors your brand and stacks it up against 5 of some of the largest Pages in your industry. Monocle updates the data live every 30 seconds, while connected. We’ve hand selected Pages that post frequently and have excellent success within the news feed. Monocle boils down a ton of Facebook activity into easily digestible segments of information that help community managers and analysts alike.


The Summary section boils down what’s going on in the news feed. How many posts have happened today? Which ones are doing well? How are we doing? Who’s picking up most of the engagement right now?

Facebook Analytics Monocle Summary

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New Feature: Industry Report

It’s been four months since we launched EdgeRank Checker. Our initial features examined and analyzed your Page’s historical data to provide analysis and recommendations. Today, we are excited to announce a game changing feature: Industry Report.

Now EdgeRank Checker is able to analyze industry-wide anonymous aggregate data to provide a wider spectrum of Recommendations!

With Industry Report, we’ve anonymized and aggregated each industry type to help provide further insight into what is working across the board. This will enable users to examine optimal post frequency, best content type, optimal times of day, and much more within their shared industry.

You don’t have to do anything to take advantage of the Industry Report. Simply login to your Pro account and click the “Industry Report” button (example shown below) while on your Page’s Pro Page. Your Page is stacked up against your industry and measured against industry benchmarks.

All of the data is anonymous and aggregated into industry type, and (as always) you are able to opt-out under My Account. Continue reading

How To Guide: Facebook Page Industry Report

Industry Report analyzes industry-wide anonymous aggregate data to provide a wider spectrum of Recommendations. Using the new Industry Report feature, you can analyze insightful data that you can’t get anywhere else. This enables users to examine optimal post frequency, best content type, optimal times of day, and much more within their shared industry. Marketers can now analyze Facebook Industry Average Metrics and Trends.

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How Does This Help Me Manage My Facebook Page?
The quickest way to take advantage of this new tool is to examine Best Post Frequency, Best Time of Day, Best Day of Week, and Best Post Type for your industry. These metrics can quickly provide new perspectives that were previously impossible to analyze.

Pairing up your Page’s custom Recommendations with the Industry Report now provides a spectrum of tests that cover a wider range of actionable analytics. Depending on whether your Page is Above Average or Below Average, the industry’s Best Post Frequency, Best Time of Day, Best Day of Week, and Best Post Type can potentially provide additional Recommendations.

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