Free Users: Animated Heat Map of Audience Online

When Facebook made an API available that enabled us to analyze when Facebook Fans were online we quickly implemented a new feature called Audience Online. We decided to provide an animated heat map of this data for our Free users.

Free Facebook Audience Online

The Audience Online heat map provides a quick, visual way to see when your fans are logging into Facebook. This information can be used to publish posts or identify behavioral trends over time. Continue reading

New Feature: Find Out When Your Audience is Online

Facebook recently opened up a new data source for us to tap into. We’re now able to examine when your Facebook fans are online. We’ve built a new feature called Audience Online to allow you to analyze their patterns.

Facebook Audience Online

We’ve built a heat map to give you a quick visual sense of when your audience is online. In the graph above, you can see that 8am to 3pm was the best time for this Page’s audience. As the week progresses, the audience online seems to dwindle later in the evening.
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Recommendations Now Tell You What To Do In Plain-English

Facebook marketing has evolved. Long gone are the days of posting something at a particular time of day and repeating as often as possible. Social media marketing is about identifying the essence of engagement. Why do people take time out of their day to Like, Comment, or even Share your commercial message? An overcrowded news feed with millions of brands vying for exposure to users has lead to an emphasis on quality.

We feel it’s our job to identify what is quality content, and using our findings to help you distribute it optimally.

Facebook Recommendations To Improve Page Continue reading

You’ve Been Asking, We Delivered! Change Competitors on Monocle

Two weeks ago we launched a brand new feature called Monocle. We spent painstaking hours hand selecting the best Pages for each industry to be compared against. Monocle was met with positive feedback immediately, but with one constant suggestion — “Can I change my competitors?” We agreed that the tool is much more powerful with this ability, so we are happy to report that you can now hand select your competitors!

To use it, head to Monocle for one of your Pages. Above the countdown clock is a new button that says “Change Competitors”, click this button, and a dropdown of Facebook Page URLs will appear.

Note: Monocle is analyzing this content every 30 seconds, the best Pages to compare against are more active Pages.

Change Moncole Competitors

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Watch Your Industry on Facebook As It Happens: Monocle

Achieving success with EdgeRank is a two front battle. First, determine how to succeed with your fans. Second, determine how to beat your news feed competitors. EdgeRank Checker Pro has helped thousands of marketers learn how to succeed with their fans. Now we’re excited to unveil a new feature to determine how to beat your news feed competitors: Monocle.

Facebook Real Time Competitive Analysis: Monocle

Monocle monitors your brand and stacks it up against 5 of some of the largest Pages in your industry. Monocle updates the data live every 30 seconds, while connected. We’ve hand selected Pages that post frequently and have excellent success within the news feed. Monocle boils down a ton of Facebook activity into easily digestible segments of information that help community managers and analysts alike.


The Summary section boils down what’s going on in the news feed. How many posts have happened today? Which ones are doing well? How are we doing? Who’s picking up most of the engagement right now?

Facebook Analytics Monocle Summary

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#Hashtags and #EdgeRank

Facebook has officially announced and deployed hashtags into the news feed. Many Page Admins are interested to see how hashtags will impact their brand’s news feed strategies. Facebook announced Insights for hashtags, although none were shown or released. It’s unclear how thorough these Insights will be. However, it should be noted that we’ve heard rumors of a whole new set of Insights coming soon. We’re interested to see if hashtag metrics are included in this new rollout.

Typically we’re a bit skeptical of any new feature that Facebook rolls out for the general public and its bottom line impact for businesses. However, hashtags were already well used within Twitter and used but unlinked in Facebook. We expect the addition of hashtags will have better traction than other previous changes for users.

How Are Posts Ranked When Clicking A Hashtag?

EdgeRank is already at play when determining which hashtagged posts are being displayed when clicking a hashtag. The posts are not in chronological order, which provides evidence towards the ranking algorithm EdgeRank. Using EdgeRank makes sense here due to the fact that we’re dealing with posts that have varying levels of Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay for each user encountering one.

Facebook Hashtags EdgeRank

Reach Impact

Brands can quickly leverage hashtags by hashtagging any applicable topics, categories, or things that are related to the post. By using a hashtag, a post should automatically gain a higher probability of increased Reach. The post is now linked with a wide variety of other posts that may be viewed. For brands like Nike, tagging a post with #basketball could provide additional Reach due to overlap with users naturally talking and hashtagging #basketball. Continue reading

CSV Exports Now Available

We’re happy to release a new feature for EdgeRank Checker Pro users: CSV exports are now available for both Page and Post data. Our CSV exports contain the following data:

Page Level

  • Date
  • EdgeRank Score
  • Best / 2nd / 3rd Post Frequency
  • Best / 2nd / 3rd Post Type
  • Best / 2nd / 3rd Time of Day
  • Median Negative Feedback
  • Negative Feedback Per Impression
  • Unreachable People
  • Best / Worst
    • Impressions Hour
    • Likes Hour
    • Comments Hour
    • Impressions Day
    • Engagement Day
    • Post Type
    • EdgeRank Day
  • Most / Least New Fans
  • Avg Likes Per Post
  • Avg Comments Per Post
  • Avg Imp Per Post
  • Avg Shares Per Post
  • Avg Clicks Per Post
  • Avg Virality Per Post
  • Avg Reach Per Post
  • Avg Storytellers Per Post
Post Level

  • Date
  • Time
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Grades
    • Lifetime
    • Timing
    • Engagement
    • Impressions
    • Virality
    • Clicks
    • Reach

You can access your CSV exports on any page by scrolling to the bottom of the page beneath “Manually refresh posts and insights data” and selecting either Page CSV or Post CSV. The CSV date range will be the same as the dates selected in the upper right corner of the page.

Visually Analyze Your Content With Photo Report

Photo ReportWe’ve built a brand new feature called Photo Report that allows Pro users to visually scan their content and quickly see what’s working. Oftentimes, patterns of topics can emerge from the visual analysis.

Photo Report defaults to a filtered view analyzing Total Engagement. Photos are sized relative to their “success”, as it relates to the metric being analyzed. There are two content types displayed within Photo Report: Photos and Links. We decided to pull in Links too because of the thumbnail that represents them in the news feed. We believe that a good thumbnail can impact the content’s engagement. Continue reading

Negative Feedback Analysis

Facebook recently made a significant change to the EdgeRank algorithm that increased the importance of Negative Feedback. As a result, understanding Negative Feedback is now an integral component for optimizing EdgeRank, and keeping at bay any negative impact on your content is more important than ever.

Negative Feedback Analyzer enables marketers to quickly understand how Negative Feedback impacts their content, and offers insight on how to avoid future Negative Feedback.

We built Negative Feedback Analyzer to answer a few
key questions:

  • How much Negative Feedback does my content typically receive?
  • What is the normal amount of Negative Feedback that Pages in my industry receive?
  • How many fans are now unreachable because of prior Negative Feedback?
  • How is Paid Media influencing Negative Feedback for my content?
  • Which topics are creating Negative Feedback?
  • What specific content is receiving Negative Feedback?
  • Of the different types of Negative Feedback, what is the severity of my Negative Feedback?

How To Use Negative Feedback Analyzer

Negative Feedback Totals

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