What is the typical Virality rate for a Facebook Page’s Posts?

One of the strengths of marketing on Facebook is the opportunity of Virality. Exciting and unique content can begin to “go viral” which can result in massive exposure. For brands that are able to leverage this effectively, it can mean huge ROIs on projects.

What is Virality rate?

Facebook defines Virality as: “The percentage of people who have created a story from your Page post out of the total number of unique people who have seen it”. Creating stories can be from Likes, Comments, and Shares of content. Essentially, the more people engage with your content in relation to how many unique people have seen it determines a particular post’s Virality.

What is the average Virality rate?

To accurately understand how a typical Page receives Virality, we looked at the median Virality rate. The median Virality rate for Facebook Pages is 1.92%. Continue reading