Severity Score Breakdown

EdgeRankWith the launch of our Negative Feedback Analysis feature, we revealed a new metric: Severity Score. There are a variety of different types of Negative Feedback, each type differs in severity. The score weights these types of Negative Feedback to give perspective into how bad the feedback really was.

We believe that the severity of Negative Feedback is as follows:

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We have weighted the Negative Feedback and divided against Total Unique Impressions to give relativity for the number of people who saw it.

Negative Feedback Analysis

Facebook recently made a significant change to the EdgeRank algorithm that increased the importance of Negative Feedback. As a result, understanding Negative Feedback is now an integral component for optimizing EdgeRank, and keeping at bay any negative impact on your content is more important than ever.

Negative Feedback Analyzer enables marketers to quickly understand how Negative Feedback impacts their content, and offers insight on how to avoid future Negative Feedback.

We built Negative Feedback Analyzer to answer a few
key questions:

  • How much Negative Feedback does my content typically receive?
  • What is the normal amount of Negative Feedback that Pages in my industry receive?
  • How many fans are now unreachable because of prior Negative Feedback?
  • How is Paid Media influencing Negative Feedback for my content?
  • Which topics are creating Negative Feedback?
  • What specific content is receiving Negative Feedback?
  • Of the different types of Negative Feedback, what is the severity of my Negative Feedback?

How To Use Negative Feedback Analyzer

Negative Feedback Totals

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Did Photos Lose News Feed Dominance On Facebook?

On September 20th, it was reported that Facebook made a significant change to EdgeRank. This change resulted in a loss of Organic Reach for a vast majority of Pages. The fallout of this change is still being analyzed and many pages are reporting changes in their optimal content types. EdgeRank Checker decided to look at the data to see if these changes made any impact on the dominance of photos on the news feed.

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Introducing: “Real-Time” Monitor for Facebook Analytics!

We’re excited to announce our newest tool: Real-Time Monitor for Facebook Analytics! Facebook now updates post level analytics approximately every 5 minutes. We’ve built a dashboard to monitor the most important metrics, as they happen. This new tool is currently in Beta, which requires you to remain within the tool in order for us to collect the metrics every 5 minutes. We’ll be expanding this functionality in the future.

Overall Monitor

  • Monitor all active* posts for the Pages you Admin
  • Filter by a variety of metrics: Total Impressions, Unique Impressions, Viral Impressions, Organic Impressions, Paid Impressions, Total Engagement, Clicks, Shares, Likes, Comments, & Virality

All filter options are able to be viewed as Change In Values or Total Values. Change In Values offers a unique perspective to see how your content is currently trending.

Negative Feedback

Facebook Negative Feedback

Keep an eye on all of your posts’ Negative Feedback rating. If an individual post is receiving above average negative feedback, it’s imperative to consider deleting the post to reduce potential damage to your average EdgeRank. Removing a Post before it receives substantial Negative Feedback helps your Page maintain the highest possible opportunity for high EdgeRank.

Viral Lift

Social Media is renowned for having the potential for “Virality”. We are now providing a never before seen real-time analysis of Viral Lift for your content. Examine how Organic, Viral, and Paid Impressions interact with your content to get a better understanding of Viral Lift.

Recent Posts

Monitor recent posts’ individual performance by examining Engagement, Impressions, Clicks, and Negative Feedback in real-time. This allows the brand manager to quickly identify how each individual post is performing as it happens.

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