How the New Hybrid News Feed Affects Engagement

Facebook unveiled their brand new hybrid news feed for all users yesterday (9/21/11). We analyzed how the new hybrid will effect EdgeRank, however now we’ve had some time to analyze the impact on engagement. There’s been widespread rumors that engagement has been down across the board, we decided to put that to test.

We actually found that engagement was actually up across the board.

The details of our preliminary study: Continue reading

Engaging Your “Consumers” — How Facebook Engagement Can Lead To More Impressions

Engagement* correlates with impressions, as we discovered in our latest data analysis. We found that there was a .569 positive correlation between Facebook engagement and impressions. Previously, social media statistician Dan Zarrella, released a startling report that he found no correlation between engagement and impressions. Continue reading

General Recommendations for Improving Your EdgeRank

The strategy to improving a Facebook Page’s EdgeRank is different for each Page and should be custom tailored to their audience. However, there are a handful of general best practices to improve your Page’s EdgeRank.

Try the following general tips to improve your Page’s EdgeRank:

  • Post content that naturally engages the audience (thinking exciting, unique, and exclusive)
  • Encourage your audience to ‘like’ your content
  • Use appropriate images to supplement your text
  • Create short and appealing videos to engage your audience
  • Update your audience based on when they are on Facebook, not what’s convenient to you
  • Content is King – Post truly great content, and engagement along with EdgeRank will increase

After trying out the general recommendations, be sure to keep experimenting and testing what works with your fan base. There is not a magic solution to improving EdgeRank, however with constant evaluation and testing you should be able to always improve it.