Post Lifetime: How Long Does A Facebook Post Live?

When a Facebook Page posts to Facebook, each individual Post has a “lifetime”. A Post is considered dead when the growth in engagement is less than 10% of the largest growth of engagement between hourly snapshots. Understanding when a Post dies, or stops receiving engagement, is important because it allows the Admin to plan when to post next. The average Post Lifetime can be a strong indicator in determining optimal Post Frequency.

The average Post Lifetime for a Page is 3 hours and 7 minutes. The median Post Lifetime is 2 hours and 56 minutes, illustrating that most Pages are experiencing Post Lifetimes around 3 hours. This data was sampled for the month of December, 2011 across 500+ Pages and over 30,000 individual Posts. The average Page size was approximately 140,000. Correlations were also examined between Page Size, but results were insignificant.

Average Post Lifetimes for individual Pages were also examined: some Pages averaged a Post Lifetime of approximately 10 hours, while other Pages experienced Post Lifetimes under 15 minutes!

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How To Guide: How often should I update my Facebook Page?

By viewing your Post Frequency graph (as seen on the left), you’ll be able to begin to understand how frequent you should be updating your Facebook Page.

This particular Page experiences their highest levels of engagement (likes & comments) when posting 2 times per day. As an interesting insight, posting 3 times per day, has decreased Average Likes significantly.

By providing a graph of your data, we are able to illustrate where we came up with our overall recommendations. In this example graph, you’ll notice that average impressions (green line) increases when posting 4 times per day, while average comments plummets. This enables you to understand how to best approach a particular goal (comments, likes, and impressions). Continue reading