How Do People Use Facebook on the 4th of July?

It’s obvious that Americans use Facebook less on holidays such as the 4th of July. However, brands still have many opportunities to succeed within the news feed on holidays. We decided to analyze data from our other tool, PostAcumen, to determine when people used Facebook this past 4th of July. This data also provides insight into how to approach future holidays.

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What is More Important: Affinity or Frequency?

An excellent question was asked on Quora recently: What is the role of history vs. frequency in Facebook EdgeRank success? The question is driving at what has a larger impact, Affinity or Frequency? Simply put, does my affinity with a Facebook Fan have a deeper impact compared to how frequently I publish content?

Answer : It depends on your audience.

As much as we dislike the ambiguity of this response, it really is true. Let’s take a look at why this is the case. First we’ll look at raw data, and then we’ll look at why this theoretically makes sense.

We looked at the Best Post Frequency median for over 10,000 Pages. The median, in this case, is more statistically relevant and more applicable to a “typical” brand than the average Best Post Frequency.

The frequency which resulted in the highest average engagement:

  • Best Post Frequency Median: 1
  • Best Post Frequency Average: 2.4

At first, this seems to illustrate that the quick answer to the original question is Affinity. Post your best content, once per day, at the most optimal time of day. However, not all fan bases are created equal. Continue reading

Understanding Post Grading: Timing

Timing can generally make or break a Post. It’s difficult to determine if a Post succeeded or failed due exclusively to the hour and day of the week without also analyzing a Post’s Timing.

For example, your Page’s fans consistently engage with your content on Friday at 3pm. Your fans also consistently ignore your content on Sunday mornings at 7am. You can expect any content to perform above average at 3pm, so the Timing Grade takes these tendencies into account. Being above your daily average on Friday at 3pm is not necessarily an accomplishment. However, maintaining excellent engagement at this time should still be the target goal. You are likely to maintain these averages regardless of quality of content. The opposite is also true. If your Page struggles to receive engagement on Sundays at 7am we reward your grade if you are able to acquire more engagement within this time frame.

This grade is an attempt to make our suggestions as relevant as possible. We provide the day’s optimal post frequency (based on your historical data), along with that Day’s Best Posting Time, and produce recommendations (in the event of a low grade) on how to improve Timing in the future.