Dubai, October 4th

Socialbakers Engage

The Power of Conversation

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The conference was SO unbelievably mind-blowing, organized, structured and useful. I learned so much and hope others were able to learn from me!

Ashley CodianniGlobal Head of Social and Emerging Media, CNN


Socialbakers Engage social media conferences host a variety of outstanding speakers representing the world's leading brands and media companies. We’re ecstatic about this year’s list of visionary speakers coming to Dubai.


Storytelling was the name of the game on social media, now it’s about sparking meaningful conversations with audiences. The theme of Socialbakers Engage Dubai is the power of conversation. Learn how to reach the heart of what inspires your community to react, comment, and trust your brand with these exceptional speakers.

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    Registration & Networking

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    Socialbakers Engage - 1st session

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    Coffee break

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    Socialbakers Engage - 2nd session

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    It's a Wrap


Socialbakers Engage Venue

Socialbakers Engage is taking place just a few minutes from The Walk at JBR in a five-star hotel in Dubai’s picturesque Marina District. The Ritz-Carlton offers a balance between busy concrete city jungle and white sand beaches of the Persian Gulf. The stylish hotel is equipped with prime amenities and delicious cuisine.

The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Residence
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Socialbakers Engage Is More Than A Conference

It's the ultimate social media marketing summit that brings together leading experts, delivers insights into the latest trends, endless networking opportunities, and hands-on workshops hosted by the sharpest minds in social media.


There are meetups, there are conventions, there are marketing events, there are conferences - and then there’s Socialbakers Engage. You’ve set the bar up high, and I know for a fact that I’ll be judging any other conference I go to against Engage - “does it pass the Engage bar?”.

Ben DonkorDirector of Research and Insights, We Are Social


What is Socialbakers Engage?

Our Engage satellite social media conferences were created to bring Socialbakers closer to our clients. They are smaller events focused on direct interactions between speakers and attendees, where you can network with other top social media leaders, and get to know us a little better and ask us about all things social.

Who should attend the event?

If you have curiosity, passion for new ideas, this conference is for you. If you want to learn more about the latest tools, emerging trends, and improve your social media strategy for your business or personal brand, this conference is for you. If you want to meet seasoned social media marketing professionals and learn from the best in the industry, this conference is for you.

How much does Socialbakers Engage cost?

It doesn’t cost anything! Ok, well just your time. But seriously, we believe that it’s more important to share knowledge and learn from leading social media experts.

What can I expect at Socialbakers Engage?

The latest in social media trends, the industry's biggest names, inspiring talks, amazing food, and a great atmosphere. Come and see for yourself!

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