Benchmark the Performance of Your Paid Social Media

Benchmark the Performance of Your Paid Social Media

Take your social media advertising measurement out of isolation and benchmark your ad spend effectiveness across industries, countries or regions.

Ads Benchmarks

Gain access to more than 3 billion dollars in ad spend data to add a new dimension to your paid social media insights. Optimize your Facebook advertising budget and measure your social media ROI in context to build smarter marketing campaigns.

Key Features

Benchmark your ad accounts across industries, countries or regions

See how your Facebook advertising spend compares to the market. View your ad spend in context across the most important metrics of total spend performance (Total Spend), engagement metrics (Impressions, Click Through Rate and Actions), advertising costs (Cost per Click, Mile and Action), and content performance (Relevance Score and Frequency).

Leverage dynamic ad spend data

Replace static outdated quarterly reports with dynamic overviews on ad spend that answer strategic questions about your budget. Set realistic goals and take the right actions based on reliable up-to-date data. Adjust your paid social media strategy using deeper insights than you’ve ever had before.

Access your most frequently used benchmarks in one overview

Save your comparisons all-in-one place so you can automatically see changes in your most frequently used benchmarks each time you login. Get instant feedback on exactly where you stand in the competitive landscape as campaigns unfold or when your paid social media strategy is adjusted. Add the Ads Benchmarks score to the Dashboard so you can view your ad spend performance next to the most important social media metrics.

Use in-depth comparisons & reporting

Substantiate your budget and contextualize progress with objective markers, resulting in convincing data insights to bring to the discussion. Automate your reporting workflow using multiple formats (PDF, Excel, PNG).

AI-Powered Social Media Marketing Suite

Understand your audience, create more effective content to engage and grow your customer base, and measure social media’s impact on your business goals.