Total Paid Social Oversight - One Facebook Ads Dashboard

Get a clear view into all of your Facebook ad campaigns in one robust, easily customizable dashboard. It’s the simplest way to track spend, priorities, and ROI for marketing teams and agencies alike.

Multiple Ad Accounts in One Place

Data-Driven Advertising Shouldn’t be Hard

Unify data and metrics from all of your Facebook ad accounts. Get a holistic overview of every paid campaign, with all the key metrics you need to double down on what works and fix what’s not.

One Clear View Into Advertising ROI Across All Accounts

Maximize the ROI of your advertising spend by getting a clear view into the audiences and campaigns that lead to results. It’s never been easier to decide where to allocate your budget.

Automated and Fully Customizable Reports

Stop manually processing data for individual reports. Get a live overview of ad performance across every account, with only the metrics that you want included.

Effortless Collaboration Between Disconnected Teams

Whether you’re an agency or an in-house marketing team, it’s tough to keep stakeholders and teams aligned on paid social media. A sharable, customizable view of all campaign activity and performance makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page.

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