Facebook Advertising Benchmarks - Your Ad Performance In Context

Sharpen your ad strategy with precise and always up-to-date Facebook advertising benchmarks. From making accurate budget decisions to gaining competitive context - all you need in one solution.

Facebook Advertising Benchmarks - Your Ad Performance In Context

Critical Facebook Benchmark Data at Your Fingertips

All you need to understand and plan ad budgets with confidence in one place. Benchmark against competitors, create presentation-ready reports and send with a click - it really is that easy.

Compare Your Ad Costs With Other Advertisers

Stop seeing your paid ad performance in isolation. Slice and dice your data any way you want to compare against the wider market - easily optimize budgets and start making smarter tactical choices.

Benchmark Ad Accounts For Multi-Perspective Comparisons

Benchmark your ad account performance against competitors by industry, region, country, spend, engagement and more. Get instant access to crucial insights and quickly see where you need to improve.

Your Latest Ad Benchmark Insights With A Click

Like the industry landscape, benchmarks never stay still. Our AI-driven dynamic benchmarking tool is essential to ensuring you're working with your latest benchmark data and not falling behind.

Crucial Benchmark Data All In One Place

All your critical benchmarks in one place. Instantly monitor changes, spot if your ad budget needs to be raised or not and schedule data-supported presentation-ready reports.

All You Need To Benchmark With Pin-Point Accuracy

Access a wealth of daily up-to-date data and prove your ad impact in comparison with the wider market. Instantly see if ad budget needs to be raised or not and optimize your strategy to skyrocket ROI.

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