The Facebook Conversational AI Solution For Enterprise-level Success

Our easy-to-use Facebook Conversational AI tool allows you to inquire, automate, escalate, and respond to customers at breakneck speed, 24/7. Get lifelong expert support with advanced best practices, and watch your customer satisfaction rates rise.

AI Chatbot Software

Automatic Satisfaction with Less Cost

Our Facebook Conversational AI platform is driven by multi-channel engagement data. It learns the full spectrum of your customers’ needs, habits, and language patterns. As it interacts, your care team’s workload goes down, and you benefit from continuous CX management insights.

Always Learning

When a question is asked that the platform hasn’t learned to answer, it identifies similar questions to surface opportunities for new dialogue and content creation.

Unified Community

The platform integrates data from every conversation into the community management workflow, connecting the right team member at the right time.

More Languages

Facebook Conversational AI leverages natural language processing (NPL) to interact with customers in their own language.

Business Insights

Analyze trends in popular incoming queries to update your product, communication, and service-level strategies.

Improved CX

Facebook Conversational AI bridges the gap between customer support and sales enablement by improving the pre-sale customer experience.

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