Instantly Identify Fake Influencers and Inflated Metrics

Save your time and budget from influencer fraud - collaborate with total confidence based on accurate metrics, not inflated ones.

Social Media Video Analytics

Take the Risk Out of Influencer Marketing

Get a transparent view into the true engagement metrics for any influencer - our AI filters out inauthentic activity so you can run your influencer campaigns with complete confidence.

Identify Fake Influencers in Seconds

The Socialbakers platform automatically detects anomalies in influencer metrics, so fraudulent and fake influencers are immediately blacklisted. Never worry about fake influencers again.

See Through Inflated Metrics

Uncover the true engagement metrics for any influencer to filter out those with inorganic and artificially inflated numbers. Avoid wasting time and resources on influencers with inaccurate engagement rates.

Get a Clear View Into Influencer Collaboration History

Take the guesswork and risk out of influencer marketing. Influencer scorecards show previous partnerships and sponsored content, so you can easily find influencers with a history of authentic brand collaboration.

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