One Unified Influencer Analytics Platform

Cut through the noise with one end-to-end AI-driven influencer analytics platform. Oversee your entire influencer marketing operation with real clarity, and get the ROI you need.

One Unified Influencer Analytics Platform

Easily Measure Influencer Marketing with Precision

It’s effortless. AI cuts out fake influencers, identifies your ideal influencer - matched to your marketing persona, then tracks, measures, and analyzes your influencer’s performance.

Compare and Analyze Thousands of Influencers in Seconds

No more confusion choosing an influencer. Using advanced audience analytics, AI quickly and precisely matches up the best influencer for your brand from our huge worldwide database.

Spot Fake Engagement Metrics Instantly

Cut fake influencers from your shortlist in seconds. AI dives into their metrics to spot suspicious activity like inflated fan growth, fake engagement rates and falsified brand collaborations.

Understand How Well Influencers’ Interests Align With Your Brand

Get near real-time views on influencer interactions. See the influencers, clearly ranked from top to bottom, whose posts are sparking the most engagement around your key brand topics.

Easily Monitor Influencer Conversations

See the top-performing influencers on your brand topics with a hashtag or mention search. Use their integrity to reach new niche audiences and skyrocket brand awareness and engagement.

The One Social Media Influencer Analytics Dashboard You Need

Track, measure and analyze every metric that’s important to you on just one influencer analytics dashboard. See if your influencers are hitting their KPIs and if not, take immediate action.

Get Your Influencer Campaigns Transparent and Structured

Oversee multiple influencer campaigns side-by-side. Ensure every campaign is a success by getting the big-picture insights and tweaking your campaign strategy until it’s right on-point.

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