Powerful Instagram Analytics

Get a full and instantly actionable view of your Instagram performance in our easy-to-use Instagram analytics platform.

Powerful Instagram Analytics

The Easy Way to Analyze and Report on Instagram Performance

Analyze and compare sentiment, audience types, and engagement rates at any scale with our all-in-one Instagram analytics platform.

Instantly Understand What’s Working and What’s Not

Our easy to use and customizable platform allows you to analyze at any scale. Whether an ad-hoc report to answer a specific question or a general overview of performance, Socialbakers has you covered.

Compare and Benchmark Metrics Across Hundreds of Profiles

Figure out what your competition is doing right, what they are doing wrong, and capitalize on both. It’s the easiest way to benchmark crucial metrics across any number of Instagram profiles.

An Intuitive Way to Measure Instagram Story Performance

With Socialbakers, it’s actually possible to create a data-driven strategy for your Instagram Stories. Instantly analyze historical data to understand what worked in the past and what will work in the future, and schedule Instagram stories within our intuitive content calendar.

Easily Track and Measure Influencer Campaigns

Effortlessly analyze influencer campaign performance to prove ROI and remove all the ambiguity from influencer marketing on Instagram.

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