Effortless Instagram Messenger Management for Business

With Socialbakers, you can manage all your Instagram DMs on one intuitive platform built for incredible efficiency and easy-of-use.

Instagram Messenger

AI-Powered Instagram Messenger Automation

Your community shouldn’t be waiting for hours to get a response. Get the powerful Instagram management tools you need to have total governance of your Instagram messenger app.

Intuitive and Fast Interface

You get a modern interface built together with marketers for maximum efficiency and easy-of-use. It’s an out of the box solution that starts helping you manage Instagram DMs instantly.

Powerful AI Chatbot Integration

Save time through Instagram messenger chatbot integration. An advanced and easy to set up AI chatbot will reduce the messages you need to process allowing you to focus on the community queries that need your personal attention.

Easy Efficiency Measurement and Reporting

Instantly access a quick-to-understand view of your Instagram community management effectiveness. You can easily evaluate your response times, most common queries and the sentiment analysis trends behind them.

One Place to Manage All Instagram Tasks

From scheduling your Instagram posts and stories to community management and customer care. With Socialbalers’ management tools and powerful Instagram analytics you get everything you need to succeed.

Please note that this is a beta version of the Socialbakers Instagram Messenger Management app which is still undergoing final testing before its official release. We welcome you to apply to this beta version under "Beta Participation Agreement" (BPA) whereby Socialbakers continue to improve this version based on continual feedback. The beta program has limited capacity.

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