The Only Marketing Campaign Dashboard You Really Need

Easily track, measure and analyze every part of your marketing campaigns with full transparency. See the big-picture insights, and where strategy needs to be adjusted to maximize ROI.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Content Analysis

One Dashboard to Track Everything

Visualize your data from multiple perspectives with a customizable marketing performance dashboard. Track, measure, analyze, and report on your campaigns with ease, accuracy, and transparency.

See Key Campaign Metrics the Second You Log In

Understand your campaign performance with instant visualizations of your key metrics and KPIs. Immediately see where strategy needs to be adjusted to avoid wasting your budget.

Analyze Data From Any Angle You Want

Get the campaign insights you need. Select data sources, filters, and breakdown options for your dashboard widgets for big-picture or really granular analysis, right down to individual ads.

See the Big Picture - Integrate 3rd Party Data With Ease

Effortlessly integrate 3rd party data from sources like Google Analytics and Tableau alongside social to prove your impact on the wider digital strategy and your ROI.

Align Teams With With Easy Dashboard Sharing

Easily discuss insights across teams and the wider organization with instant dashboard sharing. There’s no wasted time or errors when everyone’s working from the same page.

Customize and Schedule Reports With a Click

Take control over your data visualization. Create then automate presentation-ready reports in seconds with predefined templates, widgets, and labels. Choose exactly which data you want to include.

Understand How Your Audience Feels in an Instant

Automate your sentiment analysis to catch any negative emotions around your brand - or your competitors’. Track sentiment evolution over time to understand overall brand perception.

Give Your Community Consistent and Agile Customer Service

Set up community reports to understand the performance and response times of community managers. Catch any gaps in performance early, and nurture a satisfied customer base.

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