Powerful and Easy to Use Social Media Analytics

There’s a reason 30,000+ marketers use Socialbakers to measure, report on, and guide their social media strategy. Socialbakers analytics is easy to use, enterprise ready, and built with collaboration in mind.

Social Media Analytics

Complete View of All Your Social Media Channels

Get the insights you need to understand what’s working and what’s not for your channels and for your competitors. With Socialbakers, it’s easy to turn your social media data into immediately actionable insights.

One Dashboard to Track Everything

Use one easy-to-understand dashboard to track key metrics across all of your social media channels. Whether it’s organic or paid performance, regional or global breakdowns, or specific campaign tracking, easily customize your view to see exactly what you need.

One-Click Social Media Reporting

Reporting on social media performance shouldn’t take hours. With Socialbakers, creating ad-hoc social media analytics reports is effortless and instantaneous, and you can also schedule them to be emailed to anyone with a click.

Clear Head-to-Head Comparisons

It takes just a second to compare your business across social media profiles to another competitor. You’ll instantly know where you are succeeding or trailing behind in comparison.

Instant Benchmarks for Multiple Competitors

With Socialbakers social media analytics, it’s really easy to see the strengths and weaknesses of multiple competitors at once. This data is instantly accessible making it easy to check in daily so that you never fall behind unnoticed.

Robust, Accurate and Up-to-Date Benchmarks

While most marketers rely on outdated static reports, with Socialbakers you get an instant regional or industry view of the market trends like paid spend, advertising costs, and even the share of video views, so you can see exactly how you fit into that context.

The Most Advanced Set of Analytics Tools

Measuring historical data is a given with most analytics tools, but with Socialbakers, you get advanced AI technology that can predict your performance in addition to powerful sentiment analytics, influencer analytics, ads analytics, and more.

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