Foolproof Social Media Approval Tool

Avoid delays or miscommunications that later require damage control. Get your entire team on the same page with a simple, easy-to-use social media approval tool.

Content curation

Simplify the Entire Content Approval Process

Plan, assign, and approve posts, all from one centralized social media approval workflow. Easily include brands, agencies, or other stakeholders who need to be looped in.

Easily Customize the Approval Process Any Way You Want

Do you need 2 levels of approval? 3? 10? The decision is up to you! Create an approval hierarchy that streamlines your process, allowing for easy collaboration.

Make It Simple With a Clear Content Calendar

Make yourself as agile as possible by creating a schedule and approval timeline for all of your posts, which leaves you free to handle other day-to-day tasks.

Avoid Critical Mistakes and Embarrassing Errors

Don't go viral for the wrong reasons. The content approval tool eliminates any chances for copy-and-paste errors while also tracking activity in case something really goes wrong.

Speed Up Your Approval Process

Avoid delays that turn your timely posts into old news. With an integrated social media approval workflow, the easy-to-use process will keep you ahead of schedule and able to react quickly.

Smooth Team Collaboration From Anywhere

With the Socialbakers' social media approval tool staying on top of tasks is effortless. On mobile or desktop, anywhere you are in the world, it's easy to work together.

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