Social Media Marketing Automation - Free Up Your Time

Social media automation does the tedious tasks so you have time and energy for the work that matters. No more manual posting or sentiment analysis, it’s all done for you.

Social Media Video Analytics

Automate Social Media for Precision and Time-Saving

From labeling of comments and messages to campaign analysis, workflow, scheduling, and persona mapping - this fully automated solution does the mundane tasks so you can focus on strategy.

Every Post Labeled, Organized and Analyzed by AI

Shift focus from manual work to productive analysis - automate all content and message labeling across as many profiles as you want. Create flexi-rules in seconds, then let automation do the work.

Automated Campaign Analysis - No Stress Analytics

Automate your campaign analysis with a click. AI delivers crucial insights and does tedious manual tasks like labeling and sentiment analysis. You focus on optimizing campaigns and strategy instead.

Effortlessly Automate Your Social Media Workflow

Automated agile workflow for super-smooth collaboration - customized team roles, permissions, and approvals. No supervision - roles are clear so teams deliver, even if you're out of office.

Hassle-Free Automated Publishing - Wherever, Whenever

Automate publishing to deliver more premium content at optimal posting times. Effective scheduling is easy with the mobile-friendly editorial calendar, even out-of-office, so there's no hold-up.

Automated Persona Mapping for True Accuracy

Forget manual persona templates - data gets old fast. Automate to stay precise - see granular overviews of buyer personas created from both up-to-date omnichannel data and social media campaigns.

Powerful Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Profiles

Our automated multi-language sentiment analysis tool quickly identifies negative sentiment before it infects your brand. React efficiently to every mention, comment or query.

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