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Define & Target Your Audience

Great marketing begins with knowing your audience. Gather your audience insights across digital channels and use AI to turn data into recommendations. Personalize content for your audiences, reduce costs by targeting smarter, and reach your customers more efficiently through influencers.

Define Your Audience Personas

Build your audience personas based on integrated Facebook and Google Analytics data. See how their interests and behaviors evolve over time. Use machine learning to map the complex relationship between audience affinities, influencers, content, and costs.

Improve Your Audience Targeting

Automate your targeting with a click of a button. Work faster and reduce advertising costs. Determine which personas are most likely to interact with your business and purchase your products.

Identify the Right Social Media Influencers

Select influencers based on how well they match your audience and your business. Find micro-influencers that help you achieve your objectives cheaper and quicker. Understand how your influencer campaigns impact the business and integrate them into your marketing strategy easier.

Use Influencers to Reach Your Audiences

Niche audiences require a targeted strategy. Find the influencers that are followed by your audience personas, and determine how efficient they are. Build an influencer marketing strategy that's based on data and AI recommendations.

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