Automate Your Workflow With Social Media Optimization

Rely on social media automation and optimization to be more efficient across channels. Work easier and smarter by adding machine learning to the mix.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Automation and Optimization Tools

Simplify the way you execute and measure your social media strategy. Optimize your paid and organic content to get more out of your budget. Automate your scheduling and reporting to ensure that your team never misses a beat.

Automate Your Audience Research

Optimize your content marketing strategy with exclusive insights about your audiences' behaviors, interests, affinities, and demographics. Let AI consolidate your audience data from web and social media sources to generate accurate audience personas. Rely on automated persona profiles to create the right content for the right audiences.

Optimize the way you discover content

Browse through trend-setting posts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to find out what's sparking conversations. Search by specific keywords with the added ability of filtering by content type, industry, and metrics to zoom in on the right posts. Save any of your favorite posts and access them at any time.

Optimize when you post on Facebook

Get more out of your organic content by publishing at the perfect time. With AI recommendations tailored to each of your Facebook Pages you'll know exactly when to publish your posts or when to go Live. Reach and connect with as many of your community members as you can, and automate your scheduling at the click of a button.

Get more out of your paid posts with social media optimization tools

Use best-in-class SMO tools to identify which of your organic posts need a boost. With an advanced AI grading system from A+ to D, you'll be able to invest in your high-quality posts. Optimize your content efficiency and decrease advertising costs such as Cost-per-Click and Cost-per-Thousand.

Learn from your competition’s promotion strategy

Know which posts your competition is investing in to help inform your next counter attack. See exactly which posts they boost, along with their performance. Keep tabs on your competition's promotion strategy with automated reports so you can constantly learn from their strengths and weaknesses.

Optimize your spending on social media

Access detailed information on organic and paid social media metrics to benchmark your performance against your industry, region or country. Optimize your Facebook videos by knowing how they outperform your rivals in views, view times, types, and paid views.

Automate your reporting with easy-to-use social media tools

Get updated with customizable dashboards equipped with third party data integration. Take advantage of preset templates or create your own from scratch to measure key KPIs. Share your findings with your team members or management through automated reports sent straight to their inbox. Get updated with customizable dashboards that easily integrate with third-party data. Use one of the preset templates or create your own to measure the KPIs most important to you. cdExport and share any of the dashboards on mobile or automate your workflow and have scheduled reports emailed to your team.

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