A Twitter Analytics Platform that Makes Getting Results Easy

Measure your Twitter performance with Twitter Analytics that make it clear-as-day what’s working and what’s not, so you can easily make decisions that boost your reach, engagement, and impact.

See What Sparks Engagement Through Twitter Analysis

All the Twitter Analytics Tools You’ll Ever Need

30,000+ marketers already use Socialbakers Analytics to track Twitter followers, analyze engagement, and manage their Twitter account effectively.

A Clear, Uncluttered Performance Dashboard

Get an easily digestible overview of your performance on Twitter, and whenever you need, you can also instantly drill-down to access granular analytics like clicks, retweets, and favorites.

Easily Identify the Best Content for You and Your Competitors

Instantly see the Tweets that have contributed the most to your success and growth, so you can double down on what works and fix what’s not. The same powerful insights can be accessed for all your competitors too.

Effortless and Presentation-Ready Reporting

Generate presentation-ready reports with the click of a button, and easily export them in any format or set a schedule for how often they’re emailed to anyone’s inbox.

Intuitive Sentiment Analysis, Tailored for Twitter

Engagement rates don’t always tell the full story. Socialbakers gives you an accurate breakdown of sentiment for any Tweet, so you can see how audiences really feel about your content - or your competition’s.

Everything Else You Need to Manage Twitter

With Socialbakers, you not only get Twitter analytics but also all the tools you need to manage and grow your Twitter account. You get scheduling, community care, and Twitter inspiration all in one place.

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