Use The AI Twitter Chatbot to Improve Your Customer Care

The key to chatbot software is adaptability. That’s why the Socialbakers Twitter chatbot is the most powerful AI messenger tool in the world. Find out how you can drive more customer satisfaction, 24/7.

AI Chatbot Software

Your Workload Just Got Lighter

Answer questions smarter, not just quicker. You’ll only reduce your call volume if your chatbot platform is easy to preconfigure and adapts to your customer’s needs. Use our Twitter chatbot to deliver the social experience your customers expect.

More Resolution, Less Frustration

Define hundreds of responses with an easy to use interface so your brand delivers a Twitter Messenger experience that reduces escalations.

Improve Your Customer Care Strategy

Measure answered and escalated conversations so you have clear data to inform your customer care strategy.

Simplicity First

Let your AI chatbot handle the simple questions — it won’t mind. Then instantly escalate cases when the human touch is needed.

Smooth Community Management Workflow

The Socialbakers chatbot seamlessly integrates the data from every conversation into the community management workflow, saving your customer care team hours of time

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