Media Brands and Socialbakers Analytics: A Perfect Fit

Media brands have a distinct advantage on social media - tons of original content. But, as an important traffic-driver, social needs to be more than just a glorified RSS feed.

Media companies post 5 times more to social media and get up to 7 times more interactions than any other industry, but the competition is fierce. You can’t achieve the best results on social if you measure in isolation. We’ve amassed an industry-leading social media dataset that will help you track and optimize traffic from social and see how you stack up against the competition.

Within 3 months of starting to use Socialbakers Analytics, our clients see 20% better organic reach, 28% more Interactions, and 24% better Fan Growth than the rest of the market.

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With Socialbakers Analytics you can

    • Track key content performance and audience metrics and compare against the industry, region, or competition - across all the major social platforms.
    • Reach larger audiences with better targeting and better timing.
    • Increase ever-valuable referral traffic to your site
    • Create and sustain conversations around your content on social networks.

We work with leading media brands

  • What we learned from monitoring our social media profiles with Socialbakers begat immediate results: we were able to customize the way we managed our pages and improve upon our earlier engagement metrics.

    Claire Morlon, Digital Analyst
    France Télévisions

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