December 2017 Social Marketing Report Belgium

Social Marketing Report


December 2017

Check out the December 2017 social media report for Belgium! It has key social media marketing information for anyone doing business in Belgium. You can see Top Facebook brands like Samsung Belgium, growth rates and this month's top social media content by, SolarPower Europe or Opel België !

Social Media Statistics for the top 20 brands in Belgium

Average Number of Fans / Followers

Number of Fans / Relative Growth
  • 290 717 /

  • 17 628 /

  • 4 200 /

Average Number of Admin Posts

Number of Posts / Relative Growth
  • 55 /

  • 86 /

  • 7 /

Average Number of Interactions

Number of Interactions / Relative Growth
  • 17 759 /

  • 1 134 /

  • 406 /

Average Response Rate

Response Rate / Relative Growth
  • 86 % /

  • 26 % /

Interaction types on Facebook

78 %
12 %
11 %

Facebook Post Types

45 %
42 %
13 %
0 %

Interaction types on Twitter

65 %
22 %
13 %

Content Behavior by Social Platform for TOP20 Brands

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Facebook stats for December 2017 in Belgium

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Fastest-Growing Facebook Pages in Belgium

Top 5 Brands on Facebook by Average Post Interactions per 1k Fans

Top 5 Industries on Facebook

Sum of Fans
Sum of Fans 1 118 797
Sum of Fans 915 657
Sum of Fans 795 004
Fmcg Food
Sum of Fans 782 817
Sum of Fans 752 440
Data is from the total number of Local Fans for the largest 200 pages in Belgium by Fan count

Top 5 Socially Devoted Brands on Facebook

Top Belgium Facebook Posts in December 2017

Twitter stats for December 2017 in Belgium

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Fastest-Growing Twitter Profiles in Belgium

Top 5 Brands on Twitter by Average Post Interactions per 1k Fans

Top 5 Most Socially Devoted Brands on Twitter

Top Belgium Twitter Posts in December 2017

YouTube stats in December 2017 in Belgium

Top 5 YouTube Brands by Uploaded Video Views

Total Uploaded Video Views

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Fastest-Growing YouTube Channels in Belgium

Top 5 Brands on YouTube by Average Interaction per 1k Fans in December 2017

Top Belgium YouTube Videos in December 2017

  • 1

    Opel België

    shared Video

    18th December, 2017

    Had jij het gedurfd?

    Ontdek de nieuwe Grandland X op…

    most engaging photo
    • Total Interactions311

      • 150

      • Dislikes148

      • Comments13

    • 959.88 

    • Views213 220

  • 2
  • 3

Data Range: 1st December, 2017 to 31st December, 2017

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Glossary & Metrics Overview

  • Total Fans

    The sum of all Fans of a particular Facebook Page.

  • Total Followers

    The sum of all Twitter Followers for a monitored profile.

  • Total Subscribers

    Users who choose to actively receive updates for a selected YouTube Profile.

  • Admin Posts

    The number of posts made by a profile during a selected time range.

  • Socially Devoted

    The only social industry benchmark for social customer care. Socially Devoted brands respond to at least 65% of user questions per quarter.

  • Response

    The average time it takes a monitored Page or Profile to respond to a user post (or question) during a selected time range.

  • Response

    The percentage of user Posts (or questions) the monitored Page responded to during a selected time range.

  • AMIQ

    The total number of questions answered minus total ignored questions to the brand.

  • Interactions

    Any action a user takes on a social platform - Like, Share, Retweet, @Reply, Like (or Dislike), etc.

  • Interactions per 1k Fans

    Calculated as the sum of all daily interactions per 1000 fans during the last 30 days.