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Get insights on your performance with your audience and against competitors


  • Benchmark your performance by leveraging the largest social media database and tracking success against competitors and your industry
  • All the most important success metrics for all social channels in one visual dashboard
  • Includes exclusive metrics and all native metrics – competitive and own metrics plus ads
  • Listening to understand what your audience and potential customers are saying
  • Reporting with high quality visuals in any format in one click, including scheduling automated reports
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Analytics Plus

Full capabilities of Analytics, plus:

  • Discover competitors’ paid strategies with Promoted Post Detection
  • Improve the efficiency of your paid strategy
  • Integrate social media data with Google Analytics in one dashboard
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Measure + Manage

Use insights gained to increase reach and engagement by publishing improved content at the right time, and manage all social channels in one place

Data Driven Publishing

Full capabilities of Analytics Plus, and:

  • Execute across multiple social channels and collaborate across teams and regions all in one tool
  • Schedule and publish content at the right time with predictive intelligence in PrimeTime
  • Manage and report on community & customer care activities all in one place
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Measure + Manage + Monetize

Use your budget more effectively to boost acquisition, retention and growth with best in class predictive intelligence

Performance Optimization

Full capabilities of Analytics Plus and Data Driven Publishing, and:

  • Gain access to the largest social media content database to create the best content with Inspiration PRO
  • Publish the right content at the right time and allocate your budget more effectively thanks to the predictive intelligence in Performance Prediction
  • Maximize organic and paid performance and contribute to business growth
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