Socialbakers Performance Optimization

There's a price attached to the quality of your content.

Our intuitive grading system rates your organic posts based on future performance, from A posts (top 10% of your Page’s posts) to D posts (worse than 50%).

There’s a steep price to pay if you promote your D posts: 4x more negative feedback, 100% higher cost per click (CPC), 20% higher impression cost (CPM), 2.3x fewer interactions with the same reach, and 7x less viral than A posts.

Create great social media content with inspiration from the best with Inspiration PRO

Gain access to the largest social media content database so you can create great social content by being inspired by the best in a searchable library of over 10 billion Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts

Invest in your best-performing content to get more out of your promotion budget with Performance Prediction

Revolutionize your media planning with the predictive intelligence by seeing how each post will perform in the future so you know which content to promote to maximize return on your promotion budget

Maximize organic reach by publishing at the right time with PrimeTime

Actionable recommendations for when to publish tailored to each of your pages with the predictive intelligence in PrimeTime so you know exactly when to publish and how much more reach and visibility you can expect for each piece of content

Track and report the impact of your social media performance on wider KPIs

Full integration of third-party metrics like Google Analytics with your social media performance in Executive View. Demonstrate the impact of improved content, publishing time, and a more effective promotion strategy on wider digital KPIs like site traffic and goal conversions.

The only predictive analytics for social media

Performance Optimization brings Advanced Analytics, Data-Driven Publishing, and predictive analytics together for an unmatched, comprehensive and cutting-edge social media marketing solution. It empowers you to build a more effective content engine, offers recommendations that enable to reach your audience at the perfect time, and maximizes your social media ROI.

Whether you need to Measure, Manage or Monetize we have the solution for you.