Socialbakers Analytics Plus

Uncover competitors’ paid social media strategies with Promoted Post Detection

Understand the paid content strategy of your competition and your indsustry and make your paid strategy even more effective

Track success metrics across all major social channels

Measure the performance of your pages and your competitors across all native metrics and ads - plus many exclusive metrics - for all major social channels in one visual dashboard

Benchmark your performance to get ahead

Gain insights from analyzing your performance against your competitors and your industry with flexible Multicompare

Easily generate visual reports in any format

Generate and schedule visually appealing reports in PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and PNG formats

Social media ads reporting and analysis

Evaluate and compare the effectiveness of your Facebook and Instagram ads from a single simple interface

Listen to social media buzz around your keywords

Choose the keywords you want to monitor and track what people are saying about you and your competitors on Facebook and Twitter

Analyze the behavior of your community

Identify key influencers in your communities based on their behaviors so you can turn them into brand ambassadors

Publish to your primary page

Turn insights into actions with fully integrated publishing capabilities for your primary social media page

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Whether you need to Measure, Manage or Monetize we have the solution for you.